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Your Festive Prep Guide

Your Festive Prep Guide

December is only a few weeks away, and while that may still seem like plenty of time to gear up to host your festive get-togethers, it may be time to start getting prepped. Luckily, we're here to help you with our list of handy tips to help to make your festive planning hassle free!

Tip 1
Begin to gradually stock up on smaller staples (butter, sugar, flour, spices, Knorr stock pots) when grocery shopping.

Tip 2
Start asking family and guests about dietary restrictions.

Tip 3

Have a good answer for guests when they ask you what they can bring, or you may wind up with a bunch of bottles of wine and not enough food. A great request is a cold dessert, because it’s usable even if the guests arrive late.

Tip 4
Begin tidying up. This is also the perfect time to start polishing any silverware and glasses, and to do a thorough audit of your grocery cupboard.

Tip 5
Start stocking up on gifts and taking advantage of any sales. Be sure to always stay mindful of your budget and spending.

Tip 6
Start emptying your fridge and freezer now and making room for snacks, desserts and leftovers. You will need every bit of space.

Tip 7
Begin your meal prep well ahead of time. Start printing out recipes and making sure you have a list of all the ingredients needed.

Tip 8
Last but certainly not least, try to have fun, and if all our advice isn’t enough, indulge yourself in a calming bubble bath on the big day, put on your favourite festive playlist and countdown till you see the last car disappears down the road.

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