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3 Easy Summer Sides

3 Easy Summer Sides

Getting ready for a braai is enough work—once you’ve figured out the main dish, basted the meat, sorted out the drinks and fixed the dessert, sides can easily become an afterthought. But before you go off and buy a store-bought veggie tray, check out these quick and easy recipes for delicious sides to have with your next summer braai!

Roasted Butternut, Baby Corn And Avo Salad
COOKING TIME: 30 mins | PREP TIME: 20 mins

To create this easy yet sophisticated summer salad, toss together butternut, corn, avocado, and finish off with a drizzle of Knorr Creamy Sweet Chilli Salad Dressing. For added flavour, add a sprinkle of toasted pumpkin seeds.

Roasted Beetroot, Lentil And Feta Salad
COOKING TIME: 45 mins | PREP TIME: 10 mins

This healthy summer lentil salad recipe is made with delicious and affordable beetroot cooked effortless in a Knorr Cook-In Bag garlic and rosemary to create an intriguing mix of sweet and savoury. Enjoy served with some rocket and feta of your choice.

Crunchy Rainbow Slaw Salad
COOKING TIME: 25 mins | PREP TIME: 10 mins

The perfect summer salad that is vegetarian! Create a delicious crunchy salad with an array of brightly coloured veggies to create a rainbow salad brimming with goodness. Top it off with some Knorr Light Yoghurt & herb salad dressing.

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