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Rajah, Aroma you can taste no matter the meal


You’ll look long and hard to find a spice rack in South Africa that doesn’t proudly display a pack of Rajah curry powder. Inspired by the vibrant colours and tastes of India, Rajah’s trusted curry powders and spice blends have become a truly iconic local brand.

A Rich History

Originally founded under the Robertsons brand umbrella in 1938, Rajah has grown into a household name and found a place in hearts and homes across the country. The signature aroma of Rajah is now a welcome part of gatherings, from weekday family suppers, intimate dinners to large, traditional feasts.
Today, Rajah curry powders and pure spice blends are considered the local jewel of the curry powder and spice category, providing the best-quality products to help everyone - from new cooks to seasoned chefs - create meaningful mealtime moments.

Irresistible Aroma

Rajah products are made from the finest herbs and spices uniquely blended to give the perfect balance of generous flavour and satisfying heat. This allows Rajah to infuse dishes with a distinctive, mouth-watering, and irresistible aroma. Made with natural ingredients like turmeric, coriander, garlic, cumin, and ginger; Rajah curry powders and pure spice blends add an unmistakable, spicy flavour and just the right kick to enhance your everyday meals.

Our Commitment To Taste And Health

At Rajah, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Our versatile and well-rounded range uses fresh ingredients, is non-irradiated, and is MSG-free. Our six curry powders are also Halaal certified, vegan friendly, have no added preservatives or artificial colourants, and are GMO-free.

The fresh, natural ingredients we use in our range are also believed to offer a variety of potential health benefits, from helping reduce inflammation to boosting immunity. This has made the Rajah product range one of the most sought after in South Africa and cemented its position as a leading and trusted brand over the last seven decades.

Flavours That Keep On Giving

Whether it is beef curry or chicken korma, mutton sishebo or lentil stew, our choice of fragrant curry powders and blends will make your dish the star of any show.

Rajah curry powders are available in 7g envelopes or 50g, 100g, 200g and 350g packs. Variants include:

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