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When life gets a little ho-hum and your day-to-day is rather bland, go from bleh to yeah with the shake that only Aromat can make. Let’s face it, life can be boring but your food doesn’t have to be. Aromat brings the music to your food party, every single time.


Aromat was introduced in 1953 as a ‘seasoning mix’. People experimented with the delicious savoury flavour and discovered that it basically tastes amazing on pretty much everything. You probably already knew that. But did you know that Greenlandic people also use Aromat Seasoning on various traditional foods like mutton stew, grilled fish and tapas?

Back home in South Africa Aromat Spice is the most popular seasoning in the country, because we like to add it to just about anything. Aromat is produced both here in Mzansi and in Switzerland. It is also marketed in Australia, Hong Kong and in parts of the Middle East. This just shows you that tastebuds right around the globe cannot get enough of Aromat flavours.

In South Africa, Aromat is sold in 75g containers and it is also available in trio packs and sachets.


So, what makes the world so cray-cray over Aromat Spice? It’s one part versatility and another part taste. You cannot go wrong with Aromat. The savoury, lip-smacking seasoning goes well on almost everything. Try it on popcorn, a friend egg, sausages straight out of the pan or even on mash potatoes for a taste explosion.

Aromat Seasoning spoils your tastebuds no matter what you choose to sprinkle it on. It does happen from time to time that you run out of Aromat and that’s when you realise food tastes sad without it. The heavenly flavour of Aromat will turn even your mother-in-law’s frown upside down. Now that’s saying something!


Aromat Seasoning is so easy and versatile a 4-year-old can turn Michelin chef by just adding a shake of Aromat. With Cheese, Chilli Beef, Peri-Peri, Original and Naturally Tasty variants you can add a different spin on your meals every day.

Imagine Aromat Cheese Seasoning getting cushy with traditional spinach bake our Chilli Beef flavour dancing with crispy bacon. We bet you’re salivating just thinking about the possibilities.


What is the difference between a spice and a seasoning? It seems as though many people get confused between the two, because they can both be added to food to enhance the taste. Let’s put the issue to bed right now.

Spices are made of plant matter, such as pepper (from peppercorns) or nutmeg (from the seed of the nutmeg tree). Seasonings include spices, but also include other things used to flavour food. Salt, for example, is a seasoning, but not a spice. In the same way, Worcestershire sauce, which is made in part from anchovies, is a seasoning, but not a spice.

Aromat brings the best of both worlds together in a savoury delight made from spices and other flavourings to deliver a unique seasoning for your meal. Other main ingredients include maize flour, yeast extracts and vegetable oils.


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