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6 Time-Saving Festive Season Hacks

6 Time-Saving Festive Season Hacks

This December, consider giving yourself the gift of time with these lifesaving kitchen hacks guaranteed to help ease some of your festive season cooking stress.

Purchase ready-to-use chopped raw veggies

While ready-to-use veggies are a bit pricier, you’ll save loads of prep time by buying onions, carrots, celery and other vegetables that have already been peeled and chopped. This is particularly helpful when you’re tackling a new or complicated recipe, because unlike a TV cooking show, your ingredients aren’t sitting on the counter ready to go!

Serve your festive lunch buffet style

Setting out the food and allowing guests to help themselves is a win-win for everyone. It’s more relaxed for you, and your guests get to freely choose which food and serving sizes they would like.

Consider asking guests to bring the dishes you don’t feel like cooking

This way you get to cook your favourites while your guests bring the rest. Organise your menu ahead of time, and make a specific requests about what others should bring.

Make use of your microwave

Not enough space in the oven? Consider making sides and veggies in the microwave and saving the oven space for your centre piece dish.

Get groceries delivered

Where possible, skip potentially stressful grocery runs by utilising grocery delivery services!

Use a cooler box

Run out of fridge space? Store drinks and cold starters in an insulated cooler box until needed. Remember to buy extra ice!

Use these tips and get ready to entertain with ease this season! Need recipe inspiration? Click here for our festive collection!

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