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Teach Your Kids To Become ‘Souper‘ Cooks!

Teach Your Kids To Become ‘Souper‘ Cooks!

Teach your little ones the basics of cooking so that they themselves can proactively whip up tasty creations whenever they please. Why not start with super soups? Easy to make, yummy to tuck into and great to enjoy as the weather slowly changes from warm to cold, they are a great stepping stone for young cooks as they hone and master their abilities. Have a look below at four of our favourite fantastic soups for them to learn.

Butternut Soup - Butternut Soup is a family favourite that deliciously balances a creamy vegetable base with sprinkles of feta cheese, chopped chilli, onions, garlic and our secret ingredient – a packet of Knorr Chicken à la King Dry Cook-in-Sauce. Not only is it easy to make but it is also a good starting point for your children as they begin their culinary journey.

French Onion Soup - If there are three remarkable contributions that the French handed over to the rest of the world those are equality, berets and French Onion Soup. With delicious ingredients like onion, garlic and Gruyere cheese, this soup will transport you to the banks of the Seine. Add a Knorr Beef Stock Pot to your soup as it bubbles away for a rich and tasty burst of flavour.

Creamy Tomato Soup With Barley And Basil - Rich, delicious and filled to the brim with refreshing ingredients like basil, yoghurt, spring onion and a Knorr Savoury Mince Dry Cook-in-Sauce, this creamy creation is bound to tickle your family’s taste buds.

Creamy Potato Soup - Teach your children to create perfect potato bliss with this Creamy Potato Soup surprise! Simply fry up garlic, onions and carrots, boil your potatoes and add them to your pot with water and milk, mix in a sachet of Knorr Cheese and Bacon Flavour Potato Bake, stir, blitz and serve.

Top Tip: Get your little ones to create their own Mzansi Pasta Recipe Book on our website. This will help them diversify their skills in the kitchen and open their eyes to the different and delicious recipes resting at their very fingertips.

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