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Delicious Weekday Roasts For The Family

Delicious Weekday Roasts For The Family

A great way to get the whole family to the dinner table is with a delicious roast. It's one of those family dinner recipes that everyone can’t wait to tuck into, from fussy toddlers to moody teens.

Creating Traditions

Family meals are an integral part of establishing your family’s identity. Special meals become a way to create traditions. Like soup every Sunday, or a specific dish for a birthday celebration. If you’re in search of a roast that’s worthy of being a family tradition, look no further. Try our Roast Pork Belly with Creamy Apple Sauce.

Learning New Things

Regular family dinners allow small kids to build their vocabulary. They do this by listening to adults interacting with each other. You can also use this time to teach children a lot about healthy eating habits. Parents can set a good example in terms of portion sizes and also encourage children to try new flavours and foods. This Orange and Soy Roasted Chicken is a great way to introduce your little one to more exotic Asian flavours.

Spending More Time Together

A study by AC Nielsen Co concluded that the average parent spends only 38.5 minutes per week having meaningful conversation with their children. By eating dinner together as a family, this time can be quadrupled! Spending more time with your children will allow you to get to know more about their lives, their friends and any obstacles that they may be facing.

Make every day a family dinner day. You’ll find great family dinner recipes on the What’s for Dinner? website and if you need a little help in the kitchen, or some creative inspiration, make use of the What’s for Dinner? Meal Planner.

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