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Quick and Easy Getaway Options

Quick and Easy Getaway Options

Not enough families make go on weekend getaways together. Always part of one holiday plan or another, they’re so easy to do if you just plan properly. It’s true. The right plan can make one weekend feel like a whole week off if done right. And we want to help you find the time to do so. So that you and your kids get the family time you deserve.

Start Early
The first thing you have to do when you’re ready for a weekend away, is to plan ahead and start early. Pack your food for the road. Set your alarm. And make sure you just need to grab a few things before walking out the door. Time wasting in the morning is the number one way all holidays start on the wrong foot.

Eat Something Early
A lot of people forget how important breakfast is during an average week – never mind how important it is on the day you leave for a holiday. A day that makes breakfast more important than ever before. So make sure your family gets a healthy helping of morning nutrition, like this Tomato, Mushroom and Bacon Breakfast Bake. It’s the first sign of a great weekend away.

Midway Milestones
Around half of the way to your destination take a break from the road and stop for something to eat. You can prepare something at home, just like this mouth-watering Steak Sandwich, or at a local restaurant you’ve never been to before. There are some delicious restaurants throughout South Africa and some may influence your cooking when you get back home.

Go All Out For Dinner
As the sun sets at the end of your first day away, a big dinner is a great opportunity for you to celebrate your getaway as a family. You sit down together, possibly by candlelight, around a big table of delicious food, and the whole world falls away as you share each other’s company. It’s fantastic.

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