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Your Children’s Best Mates In The Kitchen

Your Children’s Best Mates In The Kitchen

Whatsfordinner has a fantastic solution for those picky eaters – the KNORR Mate selection. The instructions are so easy to follow, that your kids could be the ones making this meal for the family in the near-future. These KNORR Mates will be your little ones best mates in the kitchen.

This versatile KNORR Mate is great for chicken lasagne! Using this Mate is a great way to serve tender tasty chicken with pasta. You can make some really special dishes with these products, such as a Spinach, Butternut and Feta Lasagne or a Carrot and Pesto Lasagne. These aren't only easy recipes for kids (although they'll love them), they're also easy dinner ideas that the whole family will adore.

The KNORR Mince Mate is a classic favourite in many households and you can choose from quite a variety! Your kids can enjoy a KNORR Mince Mate Lasagne and you can simply add a generous heap of Parmesan cheese for a gourmet topping. Children also love our Boloroni Mince Mate, and you can change it up and make a kid-friendly Mexican Boloroni with Mince, Beans and Corn!

Another kids’ favourite is the KNORR Mince Mate Three Cheeses! This product creates oodles of cheesy flavour, plus you can twist it up and make Individual Cheesy Tuna Pasta Bakes, or a Mince and Butternut Pasta Bake. With KNORR Mates, even these are easy recipes.

It might not be pasta, but your little ones will love this little grain when eating one of our KNORR Rice Mates. Whip up this easy-to-make KNORR Rice Mate Chicken Tikka Curry for a tasty curry dish, or KNORR Rice Mate Mild Breyani for a classic meal with exotic flavours from India.

If your children love fishy meals, this is the product to use for tasty tuna dishes. KNORR Tuna Mate Cheddarmelt is a mouthwatering meal in a box, and quite a versatile product. You can add fresh flaked hake, and a good handful of sliced spring onions for a delicious twist! You could also serve your children Tuna and Ratatouille Pasta, using this adaptable food product. Who said there are no easy recipes for kids that the whole family can enjoy?

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