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Healthy Eating – Makeovers For Kids

Healthy Eating – Makeovers For Kids

Many parents and caregivers are faced with the daily dilemma of trying to find healthy and delicious meals that satisfy their picky eaters. While kids just want to eat tasty food, parents want to ensure their children have meals that are packed with nutrients and offer plenty of fuel for busy days. Unfortunately, these goals don't always align. The solution? Find healthier versions of the dishes kids already love.

And what better time than the New Year to transform (or simply tweak) our diets to be better for ourselves and for the planet? To help you on the journey, we've listed three better-for-you options to help you please your fussy eaters (or yourself) while also ensuring everyone gets a healthy meal.

Green Mac and Cheese with Broccoli, Spinach and Peas

What kid doesn’t love a bowl of mac and cheese? This better-for-you version made with Knorr Macaroni & Cheese Pasta & Sauce includes vitamin-rich broccoli, spinach and peas for an added boost of goodness!


Cauliflower Pizza with Three Cheese Sauce

When made simply and served as a treat in modest portions, a pizza can easily make up a balanced meal for kids. The tomato sauce in pizza provides the antioxidant lycopene, while cheese supplies both calcium and protein. We gave this kids’ classic a healthy makeover that manages to hit all the flavour marks while still being super easy to make. For our better-for-you version, use cauliflower instead of flour, and swap out pepperoni for cherry tomatoes, which have fewer calories. Preparing this pizza is also a great fun activity to do with the kids.


Spinach, Corn and Bacon Muffins

You’re unlikely to upset any finicky eater with these savoury muffins loaded with iron-rich fresh spinach, bacon, cheese and sweetcorn. These delicious treats are also super-convenient treats to keep on hand when the kids are on the hunt for a tasty snack, and for popping into school lunchboxes!


Hungry for more? Browse our better-for-you knorr recipes here.

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