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Tasty Meals Ready in a Flash

Knorr Meal Solutions, Powered by Irresistible Flavour

Tasty Meals Ready In A Flash

With a fresh new look and enhanced flavours, Knorr Meal Solutions range from Meal Mates, Pasta & Sauces, Bakes, Cook-in-Bags and Dry Cook-in-Sauces – giving you the perfect chance to quickly whip up delicious dishes that will transform a powerless evening into a cherished family dining experience.

Beat the black-out blues and brighten up your day with tasty Knorr Meal Solutions, offering you effortless and irresistible meals prepared in under 30 minutes.

Feeling like a winner?

Buy Knorr’s amazing Meal Solutions and try these delicious, quick and easy recipes:

Race the clock and create our irresistable recipes in under 55 minutes.

Greek Lamb Sandwich

Boerewors Bolognaise

Creamy Mushroom Pasta with ease

Three Vegetable Lasagne

Pot Roast Chicken in a Cooking Bag (high protein one bag meal)

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