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Fun Family Activities To Fill The Time

Fun Family Activities To Fill The Time

The upcoming holiday period is always an expensive one. Your kids are constantly at home raiding the fridge, and wanting to embark on exciting adventures – looking to do activities that end up costing you and arm and a leg. But not all activities need to be expensive. Have a look at some of our cheap and easy outdoor activities that you and your young ones can do together, at a fraction of the cost of other expensive endeavours.

Create Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Head outside into spring’s warm surroundings and try something a little different with your little ones - create some artistic bubble magic from things generally found around the house. All that you will need is an empty bottle, some duct tape an old sock that is missing its partner, different food colourants and dish soap.

Start off by cutting off the bottom section of your bottle, and slide your sock over the bottle from where you cut the bottom bit off. Use the duct tape to secure your sock to the bottle, and mix some dish soap and water in a large container. Dip your sock-covered bubble blower into the colourful and soapy solution, and blow your bubble snakes all over the garden

Go Back Yard Bowling – At Night!

Okay, this may sound like a weird, but bare with us here. As the evenings get warmer, head outside and partake in this fun activity as a family. All that you need is 10 empty bottles of water, a cricket ball, and 10 glow sticks. Start by cracking the glow sticks and dropping them one-by-one into the empty bottles.

Pour water into the bottles and place them 10 to 15 meters away from you, preferably on a flat surface. The next step is to line the bottles up in a pyramid pattern and start bowling! Each player gets one bowl per round, and points are added up by counting the number off bottles you knock down each turn. Not only is this game a little different from your run of the mill activities, but it is also bound to be a strike amongst all involved.

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