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Dinners For Little Lunches

Dinners For Little Lunches

Here are some very nifty tricks to know when turning dinners into tasty lunches for little ones. Lots of kids actually prefer left overs and swear that dinners taste better the next day – so don’t be too hesitant about giving this a try.

What’s Left Over?

So now that you know your kids can help you out in the kitchen, now is your turn to make sure that those delicious leftovers from Knorr cook-in bags don’t go to waste. If you have veggies left, simply cook some noodles, toss them in with some cream and hey presto, it’s a delicious veggie pasta! Kids love uncomplicated flavour so why not grate some cheddar cheese on top for that extra little bit of creaminess for a winter lunchbox treat.

A Roast Becomes A Sarmie

Nothing much can be said against the age-old hero of the family roast – it’s easy, it’s tasty and it satisfies many hungry tummies around the dinner table. But you can also make use of all the left-overs and make the best mayonnaise and chicken rolls for your kids – all the other kids will be envious! Simply butter some slices of bread and make a chicken and mayo mix with a crack of salt and pepper, add some sliced tomatoes and lettuce if you have and you’ve got a tasty lunch. We’ve got a roast that’s perfect for this.

Waste Not, Want Not

No matter how little of an amount is left, you’ll be amazed at how far a little leftover can go, and how good they can taste in school lunchboxes the next day. For example, a few potatoes can be turned into a mini mash to go with a sandwich, or the leftover salad leaves can form part of a chicken wrap. It’s always good to know that your kids are healthy and being fed wholesome meals, we all know that dinners are much more nutritious than the tuckshop treats!

Keeping Food Fresh For Longer

It’s always a good idea to make sure that the left-over food that you are packing for your child’s school lunch is still fresh enough for them to eat the next day. Here are some helpful tips: Pack your child’s lunch in an insulated (covered to keep cool and untouched) lunchbox as this will stop harmful bacteria from growing. Also, to keep the food cool, pop a bottle of cold water in for them to drink and this will help keep the food cool until lunchtime.

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