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Your Last-minute Valentine’s Day Menu

Your Last-minute Valentine’s Day Menu

So, you left it till the last minute and now you cannot get a reservation for Valentine’s dinner anywhere. Or perhaps the year’s most romantic day completely slipped your mind? Don’t fret - you are certainly not the first (or last) person to look for last-minute Valentine’s dinner ideas!

With our speedy date-night recipes, you can prepare Valentine’s Day foods at home that will taste as good as any restaurant! Whip them up with only a few pantry staples for an evening that looks like you planned it way ahead of time.

Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas In A Hurry

Here are our top picks for a fancy feast in no time:

  1. Gourmet Egg Fried Rice
  2. Netflix and Nachos
  3. Lip-smacking Ostrich and Cashew Stir-Fry
  4. Spicy Mince Muffins

1. Gourmet Egg Fried Rice

For a meal that looks a lot fancier than it is, try Egg Fried Rice. Made with only a few simple ingredients like peppers, eggs and leftover rice, this dish may just be the easiest fried rice recipe you’ve ever tried. Robertsons Chicken Spice gives a delicious savoury note to the meal and adding a drizzle of your favourite hot sauce will kick up the heat a little more.

Feel free to get creative by adding in your favourite veggies and proteins. Then, finish off by serving this meal on a black plate with a sprinkling of fresh parsley for a little extra pizzazz.

TIME TO MAKE: 20 minutes

2. Netflix And Nachos

Planning a no-fuss date night complete with your favourite Netflix series? Sounds like our type of evening. Pulled Chicken Nachos is a saucy, sexy Valentine’s Day dinner idea. This easy breezy nachos recipe is made with chicken, Rajah Medium Curry Powder, Robertsons Black Pepper, yoghurt and tortilla chips. Sounds delicious right?

TIME TO MAKE: 30 minutes

3. Lip-Smacking Ostrich and Cashew Stir-fry

If you’ve got more prep time and you really want to impress your date, this recipe is for you: Ostrich and Cashew Stir-fry. This deceivingly simple Valentine’s Day dinner is made with peppers, mange tout peas, fresh coriander, soy sauce and ginger, served on a bed of rice noodles. For extra brownie points, serve this meal with chopsticks and turn it into an authentically Asian meal experience. Don’t forget to light the candles for a romantic touch!

TIME TO MAKE: 45 minutes

4. Spicy Mince Muffins

If you were caught completely off guard this Valentine’s Day, relax! Transform your leftovers into something magical with this Spicy Mince Muffin recipe. It only takes 30 minutes to make, and your partner is bound to fall in love with the flavours.

Using Robertsons spices like paprika, parsley, cayenne pepper and black pepper, there is enough seasoning to make this a truly sensational meal. To complete your plating serve the muffins with a fresh salad.

TIME TO MAKE: 30 minutes

So, next time Valentine’s Day catches you off guard or you need to get date night dinner going in a hurry, just remember these scrumptious and simple Valentine's Day food ideas.

Looking for more Valentine's Day food ideas? Check out these Quick and Easy recipes or this article on Eating Well This Valentine's Day.

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