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Vegetarian Cuisine

Vegetarian Cuisine

Fancy bringing fresh ideas to the table with vegetarian dishes? Read on to discover a range of information about vegetarian cuisine and how it provides a diverse experience. Going meat-free offers an opportunity to discover many new dishes and variations thereof. To meet nutritional needs without meat or fish, vegetarians rely on different protein sources such as legumes, wholegrains and in some cases milk and eggs. In addition, a balanced vegetarian diet should include a variety of vegetables and fruits as well as nuts and seeds.

Quick Vegetarian Recipes – Simple And Delicious

Going vegetarian is as easy as can be. Forget about elaborate raw dishes with unusual ingredients. As with any diet, such dishes are an exception rather than the rule. In everyday life, meals should be practical, taste great and require little time to prepare. For vegetarian cooking with little effort, at Knorr we have a variety of creative recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On top of that, we have delicious snacks to satisfy those puckish moments. Take a look at some of our quick meat free recipes that you can enjoy every day.

Vegetarian Lasagne: Full Enjoyment Without The Meat

Lasagne is a dish everyone knows and loves. The ground meat, onions and tomatoes are favourite combination for adults and children alike. Thankfully there is no reason why vegetarians should be left out! Vegetarian lasagne is simple, prepare it with chickpeas, spinach & asparagus, lentils or soy. Even meat lovers will want to devour these vegetarian varietites.

Vegetarian Appetisers: A Tasty Way To Start

Planning to have guests for dinner? Vegetarian starters are the perfect opportunity to get the party started. With plenty of different flavours, these appetisers, soups and salads seduce the senses. Additionally, they are quick to prepare and beautiful to look at - thanks to the colourful vegetables.

Vegetarian Soups: Short On Time, Big On Taste

Vegetarian soups are quick and easy to prepare. How about a delicious butternut soup? They not only taste great but they warm you up from inside on cold days. Dress up your vegetarian soups with lentils, potatoes or seeds. For a snack on the side, scrumptious soups with tomato and warm multigrain breads are mouthwatering.

Vegetarian Main Dishes: Short On Time, Big On Taste

Creativity and vegetarian cuisine goes hand in hand. Simple ingredients such as garden vegetables and mushrooms can be transformed into hearty, delicious vegetarian dishes. Add some special extras to conjure up the delicious delicacies.

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