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Everyday Fresh Salads

Everyday Fresh Salads

Everyday Salads

When you get creative with salads, you’re opening yourself up to a world of exciting, delicious, and healthy possibilities. Salads can be so much more than just lettuce and tomato. They are a really versatile meal option and can accompany other dishes or stand alone as the main meal too.

We’ve chosen a few of our favourite healthy salad recipes using a variety of healthy ingredients to show you just how tasty and different salads can be. Try these easy, healthy salads on your guests at your next braai, or surprise the family with a salad lunch or dinner they’ll love.

How To Make Healthy Salads?

There are a few ingredients that every healthy salad recipe should have. Whether you’re following a recipe or creating your own salad, be sure to follow these key rules on how to make salad recipes healthy and easy:

Always include a protein – using a protein like bacon, chicken, or feta cheese gives the salad a healthy base and will help to fill up hungry tummies. You can choose any kind of meat for a salad, or for vegetarian options use cheeses or beans.

Make it colourful – the more colourful the salad, the healthier it will be. When you include a myriad of different vegetable types from all the colours of the rainbow, you know you’ve created a salad that’s going to pack a good punch in the nutrient department.

Consider a starch – especially if you’re serving the salad as a main meal. Starches like potato, couscous, pasta, and rice make great bases for healthy salads recipes for dinner or lunch.

Make the dressing your hero – a spicy mayo or a smooth olive oil dressing can take your salad from good to amazing. Choose a salad dressing that is going to make all the flavours in the salad stand out and be delicious on its own too.

What are the Healthiest Ingredients for a Salad?

When it comes to healthy ingredients for salads, the sky really is the limit. You can’t go wrong with the standard lettuce, tomato, and cucumber base on which to layer a range of wonderful ingredients, but you can also use a great starch like rice or pasta as your salad base.

Here are our top five favourite healthy salad recipes, that each use a combination of different ingredients but are equally healthy and tasty.

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