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Eat for Good: How Your Plate Can Save The Planet

Eat for Good: How Your Plate Can Save The Planet

Eat for Good: How Your Plate Can Save The Planet

Most of us know that the food we choose matters, and the choices we make now will serve us in the future. Eating the ‘good stuff’ is essential to living longer, healthier lives. What we eat doesn’t just matter for our future, it matters for the future of our planet too.

The food we eat has a huge impact on the planet, more so than the car we drive or the lights we purposefully switch off when we leave the room. Seventy five percent of the food we eat comes from just 12 plants and five animals. ¹Eating so few different foods over and over again means that we miss out on a world of flavour and nutrients, while also damaging the soil we need for it to grow.

Our planet needs our help and there’s a simple solution right in front of us all – our plates!
"Being mindful of what we put on our plate is one of the most important things we can do to improve both our health and our planet’s health. This is what it means to Eat for Good.

Easier said than done. We do our grocery shopping on autopilot, keeping costs down wherever we can and sticking to what we know. Most of us have only a handful of dishes in our cooking repertoire, more often than not, containing meat. It’s risky to experiment with new meals when kids won’t try anything outside of their comfort zone and your efforts go to waste.

We’re also faced with so much jargon around the topic. This makes it hard to know where to start when it comes to eating for good. What does it mean to be sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly? How important is organic? Local? Seasonal? Vegan? Fairtrade? And what on earth is a carbon footprint?

With Knorr, eating for good is tasty, easy and affordable. Small changes make such a big difference and open up a world of new flavours. Simply put, it’s about more veggies, less meat and a wider variety of grains, pulses and seeds. Why not start by trying lentils instead of beef in your Bolognese? This simple swap could reduce the carbon impact of your meal by a huge 83%!²

We’ve tried and tested loads more easy swaps and can promise they’re healthy and delicious! Sign up to receive our Future 50 Foods Cookbook. It’s full of recipes that’ll help you change the world, simply by changing what’s on your plate.

¹Knorr and WWF (2019), Future 50 Foods Report
²; UNDP The People’s Climate Vote Results
³Knorr and WWF (2019), Future 50 Foods Report

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