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A Scavenger Hunt & A Delicious Lunch

A Scavenger Hunt & A Delicious Lunch

There’s nothing quite like a family having fun in the sun, and what better time is there than the festive season to take advantage of our country’s wonderful weather? At Whatsfordinner? we like to believe that summer family time shouldn’t be spent inside, or on the couch binge-watching series – but rather out and about, exploring the beautiful outdoors. So, make the best use of the upcoming holidays by heading outside with your little ones – and remember to pack something tasty to dig into!

Scavenger Hunt

Clues, maps, hints and a knack for adventure are everything you need to set up the ultimate outdoor family treasure hunt! Write a bunch of easy-to-decipher clues and plant them around the area where you and your family have decided to spend your day. The final clue should lead them to the location of the ‘treasure’. At this spot, dig a shallow hole and bury the prizes! Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Picnic Time

Once you’ve finished your scavenger hunt, lay out a picnic! Eggs are a great picnic treat. Easy to prepare and packed full of vitamins and protein, they can also be enjoyed in various delicious ways.

Devilled Eggs
Devilishly delicious, devilled eggs are an egg-cellent picnic snack that the whole family will love enjoy with every bite. They’re incredibly easy to make, and you can change things up by experimenting with your own fillings!

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Old Fashioned Potato Salad
“Potato salad – what has this tasty braai-side favourite got to do with eggs?’’, you may ask. Well, our Old Fashioned Potato Salad is jam-packed with perfectly boiled and quartered eggs. Creamy, tangy and full of flavour, this is the perfect pack-and-go dish for a summer picnic.

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Baked Vegetable and Cheese Frittata
Who can say no to a flavoursome frittata? Filled with healthy and wholesome ingredients like roasted vegetables, scrumptious cheddar cheese and protein-packed eggs, this easy-to-whip-up delight will keep your little ones’ bellies full while they have fun running around in the sun.

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