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4 Fun Ways To Spring Clean

4 Fun Ways To Spring Clean


Somehow, a lunchbox always seems to lose its other half - the lid. Tip all the lunchboxes onto the kitchen counter and task the kids with the job of pairing each container with the matching lid. Get rid of all of the mismatched ones when the kids are done.


Pick out all the items of clothing you think need to be chucked out. Make yourself a cup of tea, take a seat on the couch and get the kids to do a fashion show in the living room to upbeat music, wearing the items that you've selected. You can see which clothes still fit and which items need to be tossed into the ‘donation’ pile, all while having a good time.

3 - TOYS

Your child probably has loads of old toys they've outgrown or lost interest in. Get your child to rummage through the toy box and put aside the playthings they no longer need. Take the toys to an orphanage or an underprivileged school to show your little one just how much the toys that they donate will be appreciated by children who are less fortunate.


Not only is spring a good time for a spring clean, it’s also perfect for spending more time outdoors. Get your kids to enjoy the fresh air by encouraging them to help you in the garden. Give each child a bucket and assign them with the task of filling it with weeds and fallen leaves. The first to fill their bucket wins!

With all of this fun and tiring spring cleaning, the chances are, you will have very little time to put together a meal plan for at least a few days. Luckily, you can take advantage of quick and easy dinner recipes here that contain useful dinner ideas.

Be sure to try even more of our dinner recipe ideas that are so tasty, you’ll find the family having seconds!

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