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Shake Up Your Meals With Aromat

How To Shake Up Your Leftovers

How To Shake Up Your Leftovers

At Aromat, we’re all about shaking things up. That’s why we’ve put together these tips that will help you shake up your leftovers so that you never have to waste food.

Freeze the left-over rice

If you’ve cooked more rice than you had planned, then freeze leftover rice. Rice can be frozen for up to three months. Just wait for it to cool down before transferring into a zip-lock freezer bag. Make sure to press the bag to remove the air as much as possible before you seal it. When you’re ready to eat the rice again, sprinkle with a teaspoon of water to loosen any stuck grains and re-heat in a microwave.

Use left-over meat on sandwiches

For left-over roast chicken, combine it with lettuce, tomatoes and feta for an easy and delicious salad or sandwich topping - remember to sprinkle some Aromat seasoning for extra flavour. If you have leftover mince then try making a tasty toasted sandwich, or you can use it as a filling for your vetkoeks- yum!

Fried rice with left-over rice and vegetables

Fry rice with a teaspoon of oil, braised onions and your favourite veggies. Just give it a generous shake of Aromat Original Seasoning for some delicious spice-nyana.

Make the most of your brown bananas

It’s quite common to be left with overripe bananas that have been in the cupboard for too long. Many people choose to throw away bananas that are too ripe but there are so many delicious recipes that you can make with them. However, an easy and delicious option is to treat yourself by making classic banana bread. Banana bread is enjoyable on its own, but it tastes even better with a spread of butter, jam or peanut butter.

Use soya mince to bulk up your meat

When you have left over mince that’s perhaps not enough to create a new meal, use soya mince to bulk it up. Soya mince is easy to make and it’s an inexpensive alternative source of protein. Not only will it make your meal more filling, but it will also add a rich taste and texture to it.

There’s no need to waste food or money. Follow these tips to transform your leftovers into tastier meals!

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