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Rich, meaty taste for the strength to take on tomorrow


Knorrox Garlic & Onion Flavoured Stock Powder 100g


This easy-to-use vegetable stock powder contains garlic, onion, parsley and a blend of other herbs and spices for delicious rich flavour. Our stock powders are also a source of iron to give you more energy, help boost your immune system and fight anaemia.

Just add stock powder to tap water and stir to dissolve, then pour the liquid stock into your dish. You can also add Knorrox stock powder directly to your food before cooking or roasting for extra flavour.

Knorrox knows South African cuisine. Since 1968, South African cooks have relied on the meaty flavour of Knorrox stocks to flavour food. From curries to stews, umcimbi, isishebo, bobotie, and more, Knorrox stock packs in flavour to make your home cooking taste even better. One tablespoon of stock powder is all you need to create delicious meals with a flavourful mix of herbs and spices. When a recipe calls for bouillon, reach for your Knorrox stock powder.

Knorrox is Halaal-certified and has a range of stocks, soups, soya minces and spices.

Knorrox Garlic & Onion Flavoured Stock Powder is available in 100g and 200g.




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