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Wonderfully Cheesy Family Pastas

Wonderfully Cheesy Family Pastas

Able to satisfy even the hungriest of families, it’s a wonderful canvas for you to experiment with different ingredients, recipes and spices. So we’ve put together a list of a few recipes we think you need to try to introduce your palate to a few fantastic new flavours. Take a look!

The Easy Cheesy Winner
Few tastes compare to a mouthful of cheesy pasta, and our Easy Cheesy Pasta with Mince, Mushrooms and Spinach is the perfect example of this classic family flavour favourite. A 20-minute midweek meal for all moms to turn to, it’s alive with rich flavour from the combination of chees, spinach and mushroom. On any day of the week this pasta dish Goudas down like a true treat.

Pasta A La Pass Me Some More!
Straight from Chef Wendy’s Favourite Pasta Dishes cookbook, this Cheesy Pasta with Chicken, Bacon and Spring Onions is a delight. Hot, cold or reheated in a frying pan with a dash of butter, its flavour grows stronger and stronger the longer the pasta absorbs the flavour. Whether you make it with tagliatelle, penne or farfalle, it’s like it was delivered to your table straight from Italy.

Winter’s Dream Pasta Dish
After a little bit of preparation, and only 35-minutes, this Mozzarella loving dish has been known to inspire more than one family to declare a true love for each forkful. Great for nights in front of the TV or behind a good book, it’s the ideal dish for a family dinner or night to yourself. Just make sure you make enough for more than one serving, because one bowl is hardly every enough.

Ready, Steady, Bake It Up
Pasta bakes bring the best out of almost every pasta dish. They lock in the flavour and bring a wonderful crispiness to your cheesy topping. They’re also a great excuse to be creative and add a few of your own flavours into the mix. So sometime this week, when you need to make something a little unique, go for our Pasta Bake with Pork Sausages and Tomato and make it your own. Don’t worry, we don’t mind if you do.

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