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What is Aromat Used For?

What is Aromat Used For?

Wonk’umuntu uyazi Aromat is used to enhance the flavour of food. If you haven’t tasted what Aromat can do to your favourite meals, you’re missing out on some serious flavour. It is what regular salt and pepper aspire to be; the ultimate versatile blend of herbs and spices that make any meal ayoba. This flavourful seasoning can be used for so many dishes such as roast potatoes, your mom’s bobotie, fried eggs and even ikota; the limit does not exist!

If there’s one thing about Aromat, it should never be apart from food.

When you’re invited to a lunch or dinner and want to sneakily add in some more flavour, just quickly add a few sprinkles of Aromat. It’s not an insult to the host; Aromat simply makes good food taste ten times better. Open up a whole new world of flavour, discover the versatility of Aromat seasoning, and learn how to use it in various Mzani-approved dishes.

What Ingredients are in Aromat Seasoning?

Since 1953, we have been making this iconic seasoning that the nation can’t get enough of. From South African classics such as bobotie, chakalaka and pap, potjiekos and bunny chow; you can enhance the flavour of these dishes in just a few sprinkles of Aromat! It’s more than just “all-purpose” seasoning, it’s a carnival of flavour in one convenient shaker bottle. Our ingredients have been carefully selected to deliver unbelievable flavour in seconds. It contains 40% less sodium, a blend of herbs and spices, MSG, sunflower oil and more. They all work together to give your meals an exquisite taste.

How is Aromat Seasoning Used in Cooking?

From start to finish, Aromat is your go-to spice to make all things nice. In case you’re wondering, there’s no right or wrong way to use Aromat. When cooking, you measure with your heart and your tastebuds. It can be used as a seasoning for burgers, fries, or salads. You can also use Aromat for roasting and grilling your favourite cuts of meat such as steak, leg of lamb and chicken roasts. Don’t be stingy, there’s lots of Aromat flavours to go around!

Can Aromat seasoning be used as a substitute for other seasonings?

We can agree that food without any flavour is like an ocean without waves; it just doesn’t make sense. Delicious food is perfectly seasoned with a harmonious blend of herbs and spices and prepared with love. Instead of searching and hunting for every single seasoning under the sun, Aromat offers the perfect balance of flavour for everyone.

And to make your lives even easier and tastier, we’ve developed new products to complement your meals. From cheese and beef chill to peri-peri and naturally tasting, your all-in-one flavour shaker never disappoints.

Five Ama-zing Ways to Use Aromat Seasoning:

Did you know that there is more than one way to use Mzansi’s favourite all-in-one seasoning? Besides using it as a flavour enhancer to already-prepared meals, it can be used in a variety of other ways too. Here are five amazing ways to use Aromat seasoning in your cooking to make boring meals, more exciting and flavourful.

As a Rub for Meat

Fork-tender, juicy meat is not hard to come by when you cook and season it well. While sticking to basics like salt and pepper for your rub isn’t bad, we’re not trying to make a basic meal. Using Aromat as a rub for meat brings unbelievable flavour and deliciousness that’s worth going back to for seconds. This Aromat Rosemary Steak recipe is seasoned with Aromat Chilli Beef for a flavour explosion.

To Season Vegetables

There’s no room on your plate for bland and tasteless vegetables. Whether you’re choosing to steam broccoli and green beans or roast sweet potatoes and zucchini, you can give it more love with Aromat. Add a few sprinkles of your go-to Aromat seasoning all over your veggies, add a drizzle of oil and bake to perfection. Whoever said veggies were boring never knew about the power of Aromat.

In Soups and Stews

A good homemade soup or stew is enough to warm you up and give you all that added goodness your body needs. But why stop there? Take the flavour up a notch with Aromat! Our perfect blend of ingredients creates a balanced taste profile, that will make toddlers and grumpy family members devour your soup or stew in seconds.

As a seasoning for chips

Slap tjips, crispy chips or roasted potato chips are a classic addition to burgers, wraps and sandwiches or delicious on their own. Instead of sprinkling on plain salt, shake it up with your choice of Aromat’s range of yummy flavours. Trust us, once you taste Aromat on chips, there’s no turning back to how you were eating it before!

In a Marinade

We all know marinades make for better-tasting meat, chicken, and fish. But what if you did something different to your usual type of marinades? Keeping all the same ingredients is fine, but adding a few shakes of Aromat can make all the difference and you’ll taste it too. Don’t knock it off until you try it.

Choose a seasoning loved by the entire country Baba!

To season or not to season, is never the question. When it comes to Aromat, you’re always going to want to spice up your food. Besides, day-to-day routines can become boring and eating the same meals every day isn’t fun. If you find yourself stuck in this routine, it’s time to choose the seasoning loved by the entire country baba – Aromat! Sign up to flavour town and browse our range of products here.

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