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Try These Amazing Vegetable Stews

Try These Amazing Vegetable Stews

The stew – is a delicious mix of rich, hearty ingredients that come together in several ways to form a meal that's loved all over the world. One of the ways to have your favourite stew, that's becoming more and more popular, is the meatless way, where bright, fresh veggies are cooked together with stocks, soups and gravies, to make a vegetable stew that's so mnandi you'll forget it’s meatless. Let’s have a look at some mouth-watering meatless stews here. And don’t forget, each of these can be enriched with the power of Knorrox soups and stock cubes.

Which Meatless Stew Should I Try?

From the lighter options, for a grab and go weekday morning snack, to the weekend breakfast feasts that'll delight the whole family – all using only the very goodness that comes from plants - here are some tasty vegan breakfasts to inspire.

Vegan Tofu Scramble

Eggplant and potato stew

This brinjal-led delight, or eggplant as it's more commonly known, is a hearty and wholesome alternative to your regular stew, bursting with so much yumminess, you won’t regret giving it a try.

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Root vegetable stew with yellow rice

Giving you a taste of bobotie goodness, but with a meatless twist, this vegetable stew will keep everybody coming back for seconds. Just spicey enough for the whole family to enjoy, serve it with a side of yellow rice to help you mop up all that mnandi flavour.

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And there it is, a set of three delicious meatless stews for you to try, that features a full spread of flavour and nutritional goodness. Try them all and add them to your veggie-inspired recipe book today.

For more yummy meatless recipes and other meal ideas, visit Whats For Dinner.

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