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Top Tips for Using Stock Powder

Top Tips for Using Stock Powder

With the Knorrox range of products, you know you can trust that every meal will be enriched with a rich, meaty taste. From soya mince and a selection of soups to tasty spices, stock cubes and powders, the Knorrox range has it all to ensure you can satisfy the family with nourishing meals with mnandi meaty flavour. But when it comes to making meals that are filled with flavour and nutrition to fill and care for your family, things can get tough if you don’t know what products to use or how to use them.

To help you ensure every meal is nourishing and tasty, at What’s For Dinner, we’ve come up with some top tips to help you make the most of the magnificent Knorrox range. We’re exploring the best ways to use the Knorrox Stock Powder range to transform simple dishes with amazing flavours, for meals the whole family will love. If you’ve been wondering about the best ways to use this multi-purpose ingredient, read on, we’ve got the answers for you.

What to Know When Cooking with Stock Powder

Stock powders are versatile ingredients, used in households across the country to season and add flavour. With the Knorrox stock powder range, it’s no different, with four flavourful stock powders, perfect for seasoning soups, stews, curries, biriyanis, boboties, kotas and any other food that could do with some rich, meaty flavour. Better yet, this stock powder range is so easy to use. So if you wondered how to prepare a stock solution from powder, all you have to do is add the powder to hot water, stir to dissolve, and have a tasty stock to add to any meal.

But while stock powders are super simple to use, sometimes you might need some inspiration, advice or even instructions to use the stock powder in the best way. If that’s you, here are 4 fantastic tips to help you create flavourful meals, every time, with Knorrox stock powders.

Four Tips for Rich Taste

1. Make a Mnandi Seasoning Mix

Use Knorrox stock powder to create a unique seasoning mix to make meals filled with flavours you love. To create a seasoning mix with a mouth-watering taste, take the Knorrox Garlic & Onion Flavoured stock powder and add your favourite herbs and spices to the powder to create a delicious seasoning. You can use your stock powder seasoning mix to season meat or veggies before braaing, frying or roasting to give them a rich flavour for a delicious dish.

2. Swap Out Salt for Knorrox Stock Powder

With a delicious blend of herbs and spices, Knorrox stock powders are the ideal seasoning for any type of dish. So instead of using salt when making your beef sishebo or roast veg, use Knorrox Beef Flavoured stock powder to add a rich meaty taste and strength to the dish that everyone will love. And because our Knorrox stock powders are rich in iron, they are a tasty way to supplement your diet with iron, which can help energise your family.

3. Flavour Your Starches with Stock Powder

Use a spoonful of Knorrox Vegetable Curry Flavoured stock powder when you are cooking any starch, to add irresistible flavour to pap, rice, istambu, cous cous, mash and even pasta. Whatever starch you enjoy, trust the Knorrox stock powders to enrich it with a rich taste that will transform your meals.

4. Store Your Stock Powder Properly

To ensure that you can continue making delicious dishes with a rich nyama taste, store your Knorrox stock powder the right way to preserve its delicious flavour and prevent it from clumping. So store the stock powder in an airtight plastic container and in a cool and dry place in your kitchen to maintain its quality.

Give these stock powder tips a try to create dishes that will delight and satisfy the whole family with a rich meaty taste and give them the strength to take on another day. The Knorrox range of stock powders makes nourishing mouth-watering meals easy. So visit Whatsfordiinner for recipe inspiration and try our tips today!

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