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How to Clean your Braai Grid

How to Clean your Braai Grid

Braai Hack: Best Way to Clean a Braai Grid

There’s nothing more lekker than organising a braai when warmer weather finally arrives. But facing last year’s grimy, greasy braai grid can really dampen your enthusiasm, so be sure to clean all the gunk off your grid right at the beginning of the braai season – or at the end, which will save you time next summer!

If you have a big enough sink or container, give the grid a long soak in hot water with plenty of dishwashing liquid and a cup of white vinegar. For a lidded braai, place a foil container of water and vinegar on the grid, then light and cover the braai – the steam will help loosen the grime.

Now give the grid a very good scrub with a wire brush, or scrunched-up balls of foil. For really stubborn caked-on gunk, use a paste of vinegar, salt and bicarbonate of soda. Rinse well.

To freshen up your braai grid between braais, cut a lemon or onion in half and rub the cut side all over the blazing hot bars, using a braai fork or tongs.

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