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Quick and Easy Recipes With Curry Powder

Quick and Easy Recipes With Curry Powder

Whether you are a beginner cook, brushing up on your culinary skills, a seasoned professional in the kitchen, or even a foodie, you know that no kitchen is complete without some curry powder. Versatile and full of robust flavours, curry powder is every cook’s best friend for bringing depths of rich, spicy flavour, vibrant colour and irresistible aroma to any meal.
Curry powder is a spice mix that’s loved around the world, with different regions adopting the delightful blend to suit their local cuisine.

Curry powder is so popular because it saves you time trying to create a harmonious blend of spices – which can be tricky - by providing you with a rich and well-balanced spice mix. With a quality curry powder, you get to enjoy your pick of an array of delightful dishes like a hearty lamb curry, a rich beef madras or a tasty chicken tikka masala.
Many believe though that while curry powder is an excellent addition to any curry dish, few people know just how great a rich, flavourful curry powder can be for any dish of your liking.

This is why Rajah came to the rescue with a delightful range of fine-quality and full of robust flavour curry powders. So today, we’re sharing our picks of four of the tastiest recipes using curry powder so that you can become a curry connoisseur! So, read on and forget about worrying about what you can make with curry powder.

Recipes Using Curry Powder

Curried Cottage Pie

Cottage pie is such a classic hearty dish, but today we’re giving the traditional recipe a tasty spicy twist with the delightful flavour of Rajah’s Mild Masala curry powder. Traditionally, a cottage pie is packed with delicious meaty flavour put together with a variety of veggies and topped off with creamy mashed potatoes. With Rajah’s curry powder, this recipe transformed into a truly tantalising treat that the family won’t be able to get enough of.

Get the recipe here.

Boerewors Meatball Stew with Butternut Isijingi

With the rich, aromatic flavour of Rajah’s Flavourful & Mild curry powder, this proudly South African dish is packed with loads of lekker flavour. The boerewors meatballs in a delightful tangy tomato sauce boast robust flavour as the fine Rajah blend including fennel, coriander and cumin, brings forth mouth-watering aromatic goodness. So for a taste of local goodness, give this recipe a try.

Get the recipe here.

Warm Winter Bone Soup

Warm the family up throughout the frosty winter months with this hearty warm winter bone soup. Infused with the rich, mouth-watering flavour, delightful aroma and gentle heat of Rajah’s Mild Masala curry powder, this soup is perfectly seasoned to satisfy the whole family. So if a wholesome, hearty, spicy soup is what you’re after, give this recipe a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Get the recipe here.

Prawn and Pineapple Fried Rice

Hankering for a sweet and spicy seafood dish? Then this recipe is perfect for you! The exquisite blend of garlic, cumin and cayenne in the Rajah All-In-One curry powder bring vibrant uplifting flavour to this prawn dish. The sweet, zesty flavour of the pineapple is enhanced by the spicy curry powder, while the prawns sing with the rich, aromatic taste of the curry powder mix. This recipe with curry powder is a must-try!

Get the recipe here.

When cooking with curry powder, the options are endless in terms of the mouth-watering meals you can make. So, explore What’s For Dinner for some recipe inspiration and then pair it with your Rajah curry powder for a scrumptious meal time, every time!

Vegan Omelette

You may be a little surprised to see the likes of a usually entirely egg-based breakfast making an appearance here. But Here it is, the vegan omelette – a What’s For Dinner creation that’s making waves in the vegan breakfast community. It’s a light and fluffy eggless chickpea flour omelette with sauteed baby spinach, mushrooms, peppers, avocado and chopped spring onion, drizzled with a delectable homemade vegan ranch dressing. Best of all, no eggs were harmed in the making of this one, of course.

Doesn't that sound delightful? Get the recipe here. For more mouth-watering vegan meal ideas, click here.

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