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Nutritious Stew Recipes That Will Fill You Up

Nutritious Stew Recipes That Will Fill You Up

Have you ever found yourself being hungry again after finishing a meal? Or craving something sweet right after? You might not be eating a nutritious meal that can satisfy your hunger. Foods that are rich in protein and high in fibre do a great job at keeping you fuller for longer. One of the best nutritious meals that you can eat to stay full is stews. There are many healthy stew recipes that are packed not only with nutritional ingredients, but full of hearty flavour too.

How to make Nutritious Stew That Will Fill You Up

The key to making stews nutritious and healthy for you, is by adding high-fibre and protein-rich ingredients. Depending on the type of stew you’re making, meat and vegetables form the basis of a healthy stew recipe. If a stew isn’t comforting, warm, hearty, and full of goodness, it isn’t a stew! You want to be able to sit down and happily enjoy a delicious and healthy stew recipe knowing that not only is it tasty, but won’t leave you hungry minutes after. Now that’s what you call a stew.

When preparing a nutritious stew, you will need the below:

1. Onion, garlic, and your choice of vegetables, or what the recipe says.

2. Herbs and spices to flavour your stew such as Knorrox stock cubes.

3. Your meat or plant-protein of choice, or what the recipe says.

4. A side dish such as rice, whole grains, pap etc.5. Patience to let the stew cook to enhance the flavour.

Types of Nutritious Ingredients That Make a Great Stew

Traditional stew recipes call for tough cuts of meat that usually have pieces of fat that render down in the gravy. This is what makes the stew rich and flavourful. However, there are many other ways to make a show-stopping stew without a fatty protein. For example, if you’re wanting to cook a healthier version of a beef stew, you can opt for a leaner cut of meat. But, remember that leaner cuts of meat can dry out if overcooked due to being lower in fat.

You can still enjoy your stews and keep your health in check. Here are some different types of nutritious ingredients that can help you make a healthy stew.

1. Low sodium stock cubes or broth.

2. Leaner meat or switching to a vegetable stew.

3. Any vegetable as they all have a high nutritional value.

4. Brown rice as a side or a whole grain side like barley, quinoa, or bulgur wheat.

What Vegetables are Good in Filling Stews?

Nutritious stew recipes have a reputation for being packed full of root vegetables. It adds a variety of vitamins and minerals that your body needs and brings substance to stews, and in turn, comes out soft and full of flavour. Here are some additions that you can add to your stews to make them heartier and healthier.

  • Sweet potatoes or white potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Parsnips
  • Tomatoes – fresh or canned
  • Baby spinach, kale, and other leafy vegetables
  • Cabbage
  • Celery and onions
  • Mixed veg – peas, carrots, and beans
  • Baby marrows and patty pans

5 Nutritious Stew Recipes You Need to Try

Just because you’ve made a commitment to eating healthier, it doesn’t mean you have to give up stews. Stews can be healthy too; you just have to know which ingredients to keep and which to switch. We hope you brought your appetite and desire to cook up some healthy stew recipes as we’ve gathered up 5 game-changing stew recipes that you need to try for lunch or dinner.

Vegetable Beef Stew

Can you imagine a deliciously rich and hearty stew that’s healthy for you? Well, it’s true. This yummy beef stew recipe has all the flavour profiles of tender beef chunks and fresh veggies. It’s flavoured with a Knorrox beef stock cube and is responsible for that rich, well-seasoned gravy. One of the many great things about this recipe is that the ingredients are few and it’s made in under two hours. Try this recipe today and impress your family with this delectable nutritious stew recipe.

Lentil and Chicken Stew

Lentils are an underrated source of plant protein. They make an excellent addition to stews because they’re packed full of protein, low in sodium, high in fibre, potassium, and antioxidants. The combination of this chicken and lentil stew recipe is enough to make your heart and tummy happy. Enjoy the warm flavours of this hearty dish flavoured with nothing other than the Knorrox chicken stock cube. Carrots and green peppers are the main veggies that this dish needs but you can always add extra if you want!

Chicken and Vegetable Stew

We’re taking things back to basics with this country chicken and vegetable stew recipe. Made with only six ingredients, all you need is chicken, onion, mixed veggies, Knorrox stock cube and potatoes. It’s full of easy, nutritious veggies, tender chicken, and soft potatoes. It makes for a perfect midweek meal and only takes 65 minutes to cook. We recommend serving this healthy stew recipe with fluffy rice or pap for the cherry on top.

Knorrox Chicken Neck Stew

Most stew recipes call for anything more than an hour to cook. This Knorrox chicken neck stew recipe however, only takes 45 minutes to cook and is a delicious, easy meal to prepare. Infamous for being a family favourite meal, this nutritious stew recipe calls for green beans, carrots, potatoes, and canned tomatoes. Thanks to the Knorrox chicken stock cube, every bite is a tasty piece of heaven that leaves you wanting more and more. Don’t be shy; try this healthy stew recipe today!

Bean and Quinoa Stew

We can’t think of anything better than a hearty beans and quinoa stew recipe. Spice it up with some Rajah Hot Curry Powder and pack in some flavour with a Knorrox beef stock cube. If you have these two ingredients, your bean and quinoa stew will hit every flavour on the head. The kidney beans provide protein and fibre and quinoa adds iron and potassium. Combine all these ingredients together in a rich, velvet gravy and you have a stew fit for kings.

The best way to enjoy a nutritious stew is around the dinner table with loved ones. We guarantee your friends and family will enjoy every bite of whichever delicious and healthy stew recipe you decide to make. Make sure that you have protein, vegetables, herbs, and spices so that your stews come out delicious every time. Try any of the five recipes above or visit whatsfordinner for some more easy healthy stew recipes.

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