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Make Wholesome Cabbage Dishes With Knorrox

Make Wholesome Cabbage Dishes With Knorrox

Cabbage is one veggie that many of us are all too familiar with as it brings back childhood memories of savoury steam from Gogo’s pot filling the kitchen and instantly giving away what’s for dinner that night. Whether served up in a creamy coleslaw to add a fresh crunch to your Seven Colour Sunday lunch, or as the star of the show when served alongside some savoury pap - cabbage is certainly a versatile veggie. When cooking with cabbage the options are endless in terms of the delicious and nutritious cabbage dishes you can create.

In the world of veggies; cabbage is great for absorbing the delightful flavours of your stews, stocks, gravies or spices. Making it easy for you to make nutritious meals that are always full of rich flavour. Sometimes though, coming up with creative ways to cook cabbage can be hard, especially when you’re craving some meaty flavour but have chosen to go meat-free.

However, fortunately, with Knorrox, going meatless has never been so mnandi with the wide, flavourful range of Knorrox cubes, soya minces and powders that will add an amazing meaty taste to your cabbage meals. Let’s explore.

How to Add Flavour to Your Cabbage Dish

We’ve mentioned how cabbage is great at taking in the flavours of the seasonings, soups and stews you cook it with, which is why when you cook cabbage using Knorrox, you’re in for a mouth-watering meal. So let’s explore some truly tasty cabbage dish ideas that are full of rich nyama flavour, thanks to Knorrox.

Tasty, Easy Cabbage Recipes

Meat Bones & Cabbage Sishebo

With Knorrox, even when you have meatless meals, you don’t have to sacrifice the delicious meaty taste you love. And this satisfying cabbage sishebo recipe with meat bones proves just that! Made with Knorrox Beef Stock powder, this meal is packed with rich meaty taste, for a meal that will have the family asking when you’ll make it again!

Get the recipe here.

Chicken and Cabbage Stew

If you’ve wondered, ‘what should I serve cabbage with?’, then this chicken and cabbage stew combo is exactly what you’re looking for. This wholesome, hearty dish is packed with mouth-watering meaty flavour thanks to the rich nyama taste of the Knorrox Chicken Stock Cubes and Spicy Chicken Soup in this recipe. Serve this dish with phuthu pap for a well-balanced meal that will deliver deliciousness and satisfy the whole family with its amazing meaty taste.

Get the recipe here.

Cabbage is such a versatile vegetable which means your best cabbage recipes don’t have to be boiled because you can enjoy it in several different ways. Just don’t forget to add Knorrox for some serious meaty flavour. So consider enjoying your cabbage fresh as part of a salad - seasoned with Knorrox All-in-One spice of course - or cook it and add some crunch to a tasty stir fry. Whatever recipe you choose, as long as you’re cooking with Knorrox you can’t go wrong. For more good-for-you meal ideas, visit What’s For Dinner today.

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