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Make Igatsby Inspired Sandwich Nje Nge Pro

Make Igatsby Inspired Sandwich Nje Nge Pro

Beke le beke you’re pushing hard. Monday to Friday equals late nights and early mornings for you. With all that hustle power you’ve used during the week, it’s finally your chance to relax because iweekend ifikile! But siyazi thina that even with that Friyay feeling finally getting activated, nobody wants to spend that precious chillas time rushing home to try and figure out what’s for dinner.

Kahle kahle what you need is some food inspiration that’s quick and simple so that you can focus on enjoying the weekend. It has to be a meal that’s so delicious you forget about ispani, so filling it keeps you satisfied until that legendary 7-colour Sunday kos, and big enough so that you can enjoy nama majita. So, you need a mighty meal, dripping ka deliciousness. You need a great meal, like iGatsby.

The great Gatsby Sandwich - some say it’s so Cape Town it was there before Table Mountain. But fortunately, you don’t have to travel to eKapa to get #FeelGoodFlavour that’s so good it transforms your mood. Whether you get it from the nearest spaza ekasi or you make your own at home, as long as you pair iAromat with your Gatsby, you’re guaranteed #UnbelievableFlavour combos that always communicate.

How Do You Make a Gatsby Sandwich?

So, with Aromat you know you’ve got the goods to create a sensational flavour that will make every meal mnandi. But for the times when you feel like shaking things up endlini by making your version of this local favourite, here’s some insight into the main ingredients that make the Gatsby sandwich so great.

What Is In a Gatsby Sandwich

Typically a Gatsby is made up of:

  • A loaf of Bread
  • Slap tjips
  • Sauces
  • Cheese
  • A Protein
  • Lettuce and tomato

For those weekends where you’d rather save that chankura and create your tummy-pleasing version of this Mzansi fave, here are some top tips to help you make your Masterchef-worthy gatsby endlini.

How to Make iGatsby Sandwich Nje Nge Pro

The best Gatsby are the ones that leave you with sauced up hands and smacking your lips to get one last taste of that Gatsby goodness. Preparing your Gatsby filling is easy enough. Once ready, simply layer your chosen ingredients onto your loaf, which should be coated with a spread of creamy sauces. But to activate the next level of flavour in your Gatsby sandwich, each of those layers needs a healthy helping of Aromat.

Turn up the cheesiness with Aromat Cheese Seasoning and feel your tastebuds dance to the tune of the unbelievable cheesy flavour. Or, spice things up with Aromat Chilli Beef Seasoning or Aromat Peri-Peri Seasoning, or both, and feel your mouth water with satisfaction from the delightful hit of spicy heat.

You can’t go wrong in the kitchen no matter which Aromat seasoning you choose, because once you add a few shakes of our seasoning to your food, you’re dressing it up with a world of unforgettable flavour. #AromatNeGawulo should never be apart.

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