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Make Chocolate Malva Pudding with Chilli

Make Chocolate Malva Pudding with Chilli

Make a Chocolate Malva Pudding with Chilli Flakes

Childhoods in the 80s and ’90s were made with family braai’s and lots of swimming pool fun, and were ended off with a traditional Malva pudding being served. Whilst Malva pudding can stir up nostalgic memories for many South Africans, it can be a recipe that feels like it’s been done one too many times.

The bottom line is everyone loves a Malva pudding, but if you jazz it up and give it a little twist and kick, we guarantee that everyone will not only love it but will be asking you to make it again and again. Here’s how to make a non-traditional malva pudding recipe; Chocolate Malva Pudding with Chilli Flakes and Spicy Pears.

How to Make Spicy Pears?

The first step in the recipe is to make your spicy pears. You want to simmer them down with water, and sugar and add in the sweet and spicy Robertson’s Mixed Spice until they are soft and syrupy.

How to Make a Chocolate Malva Pudding

Creating the chocolate malva pudding is the next step in this delicious recipe. You simply sift and add the dry ingredients to make the Malva batter and add cocoa. Buttermilk is a key ingredient in this batter, giving it a lovely, velvety, smooth texture. You place the batter in a grease-proof dish and then top it with the spicy pears before baking.

How to Make the Custard Cream Sauce

The third step in this mouth-watering, easy malva pudding recipe is to create the cream and pear juice sauce. The sauce is simmered in a pan to create a creamy syrup, which is poured over the pudding once it’s fresh out of the oven. You need to poke holes in the cooked pudding before pouring the sauce over it to allow the syrup to drip into the pudding.

Adding Chilli Flakes to Chocolate Malva Pudding

The cherry on top – so to speak – to the best malva pudding recipe you’ll probably ever make (in our humble opinion) is the final addition of chilli flakes. Sprinkle Robertson’s Crushed Chilli over the pudding just before serving to give the recipe a spicy kick that will surprise your guests. Read the full Chocolate and Spicy Pear Malva Pudding recipe for detailed ingredients and preparation methods.

What is the Best Way to Serve Chocolate Malva Pudding?

The best way to serve this recipe for malva pudding that will have your guests begging for seconds is either with cream or ice cream. It can be served on a summer’s day with refreshing vanilla ice cream and Prosecco. Or served on a chilly winter evening with whipped cream on top and a strong cappuccino.

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