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How Can You Make Your Winter Soups Tastier

How Can You Make Your Winter Soups Tastier

A Lifesaver When It’s Cold

Winter soups are a lifesaver when it’s cold outside and there are many hungry mouths to feed inside. A thick winter soup can warm you up and give you the strength and nourishment to confidently face a new day. There are so many varieties of winter soups that you can surprise your family with a different flavour every week. Soups can also stretch ingredients a long way which means there is enough to feed whoever might join you at the table. Giving generously to your community is easy with warm, winter soup.

Sometimes soup can be a little watery and lack flavour. And most of us want the strong taste of nyama in our soup, right? Today we will give your ideas on how to make your winter soup rich and savoury by using trusted ingredients that everyone loves. Read on for some spicy winter soup recipes and tips on making your winter soup thick and flavourful.

Five Ways to Make Spicy Winter Soup

There are five things you can do to make your winter soup delicious:

1. Add seasoning mix
2. Use Knorrox Soya Mince
3. Add vegetables with savoury flavours
4. Use quality stock
5. Try fresh herbs

Let’s look a look at these five simple ideas to improve the taste of your winter soup.

1. Add Seasoning Mix

Herbs and spices can breathe life into any recipe but keeping a range of these in the panty can get expensive. If you want to make a soup that everyone around the table will love without breaking the bank, add premixed seasoning. Simply add two tablespoons of seasoning mix to the pot while you fry your vegetables. The vegetables will absorb the flavours of the seasoning and make your soup tastier.

A great seasoning mix that will add meatiness to your pot is Knorrox Barbeque Spice. Made with coriander, garlic, nutmeg, black pepper, and paprika extract, it gives your soup or stew rich, meaty flavour without breaking the bank. It’s a great one to keep in the cupboard as it can be used to give stews, sishebos, skopo, samp and beans and ox liver a stronger nyama taste.

Have a look at this spicy winter soup recipe: Knorrox Spicy Bone Marrow and Bean Soup that uses Knorrox Barbeque Spice to liven up the flavours of carrots, beef and beans. We doubt there will be any of this tasty soup left over for the next day once your family has had seconds and even thirds of this filling meal.

2. Use Knorrox Soya Mince

Winter soup tastes good but when it’s thin it doesn’t satisfy a hungry family. You need a helping hand to thicken your broth, add meaty flavour, and stretch the meal further so there is more to enjoy. Knorrox has the answer: new Knorrox Soya Mince. Knorrox Soya Mince has the strong savoury taste that Knorrox has been delivering for decades. It is inexpensive and a great solution to making your soups rich, flavourful and satisfying.

Top Tip: Soak ½ a cup of Knorrox Soya Mince in a cup of cold water for 10 minutes before adding it to your soup.

Another great thing about Knorrox Soya Mince is that it is available in five different flavours, so you can jazz up your soup with chicken flavour on Wednesday and impress everyone around the table with beef and onion flavour on Thursday. This appetising helper will provide your family with the nourishment they deserve through added zinc, protein and lots of fibre.

3. Add Vegetables with Savoury Flavours

Tasty winter soups are not complete without fresh vegetables. Traditional soups have many different vegetables in them, and you can use anything that you have in the house to add taste to the pot. Carrots, leeks, spinach, celery, sweet potato, and pumpkin are great for adding more depth of flavour to a winter soup. Try adding onions and garlic to your pot, first frying them in a little oil and salt to unlock their savoury flavours. To enhance the flavour of the vegetables in your soup even further, use Knorrox Minestrone Soup for generous warmth and a strong aroma.

Top Tip: Adding a chopped potato to your soup will thicken it and make it more filling.

4. Use Quality Stock

Sometimes it is tempting to buy cheaper brands of stock to make your soup, but unfortunately this can result in the taste being weak and bland. Using good quality stock ensures that your winter soup has a strong flavour and is so tasty that none of it is wasted. Reliable products that have served many generations are always best in providing taste. Try Knorrox Chilli Beef Stock Cubes for the taste of nyama with a hint of peppery chilli.

5. Try Fresh Herbs

If you are lucky enough to have fresh herbs in the garden or access to fresh herbs from a neighbour’s garden, they can do wonders by making a boring soup delicious. Rosemary, mint, organum and parsley add a leafy freshness to your broth and bring out the flavour of any meat they are paired with.

Top Tip: If you have leftover skopo to add to your winter soup, put a little sprig of rosemary in the pot. Mutton and rosemary go well together, and a squeeze of lemon ties it all together.

Make Everyone in Your Community Smile

Spicy winter soup needs to be filling, nourishing, and feed the whole family. At Knorrox we create products that bring strong flavour to your pot, so your family is well fed and happy. We hope that with these helpful tips your winter soup will make everyone in your community smile.

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