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How Winter Meals and Aromat Go Well Together

How Winter Meals and Aromat Go Well Together

From hearty stews to satisfying soups, to hot curries, appetising pies and even belly-warming bunny chows, there’s nothing quite like a mouth-watering, winter-warming dish to help you keep out the winter cold. Sonke siyazi how once the colder weather starts to creep in, at home we start to swap out isaladi for sishebo, and burgers for bunny chows with rich, hearty fillings.

While winter-warming meals can help keep you feeling nice and toasty, sometimes having the same-old chicken stew or veggie soup can start to feel boring. It’s hard enough to come up with new and exciting winter dishes, so when it feels like the flavour of your meals iyashoda ‘that thing’, it can be quite disappointing.

Fortunately, with the #unbelievableflavour of Aromat, you can fa-fa some feel-good flavour to transform any winter meal from all right to amazing! So for some winter recipe inspiration to satisfy the family with amazing flavours, read on and find out how you can ramp up the deliciousness with Aromat, and discover why vele, #AromatneGawulo should never be a part!

Seasoning Your Winter Dishes With Unbelievable Flavour

If you’ve been wondering, ‘how do you add flavour to your winter meals?’ or what seasoning to use for winter dishes, Aromat has got the answers! Yes, salt can add some tastiness to your winter meals, but when mouth-watering winter dishes are the goal, you need to spice things up with some feel-good flavour. During the winter months, it can also feel like you’re having the same old meals with soups and stews regularly featured on the menu. Let’s face it, when you’re trying a new winter meal recipe, sometimes the taste might seem like it’s missing a certain something.

This is why many have asked, ‘how do you spice up a bland winter dish?’. Well, there’s a seasoning you can always trust to add layers of flavour to any meal and make it taste so good, omakhelwane will be trying to score a daily dinner invite. For a flavour so good it will lift your mood, choose Aromat! With a variety of flavours to go with every food, you only need to Fa-Fa some Aromat on your winter dish for a mnandi meal every time.

Mnandi Winter Meal Ideas With Aromat

Lorraine's Durban Lamb Curry

This spicy lamb dish is so nice, but why not make it unbelievably good with the feel-good flavour of Aromat Original? Fa-fa the delicious flavour of Aromat Original and transform this curry into a winter comfort meal you’ll want to eat all year long!

Slow Cooked Oxtail Stew with Dumplings

This stew is a slow-cooked treat, and with Aromat Chilli Beef seasoning you can transform it from a tasty treat to a meal with so much mouth-watering flavour, it would make Gogo proud! You can even use Aromat Naturally Tasty when you make your dumplings, to turn up the tastiness with #unbelievableflavour.

Saucy Chicken Livers

We can’t talk about winter meals without mentioning a hearty chicken dish. Whether it’s ihard body or chicken feet, Aromat Peri Peri will help to add some mnandi flavour. And this recipe is no different! Turn these saucy chicken livers into spicy and delicious with Aromat, for an unforgettable meal with amazing flavour.

Come Winter or Spring, whatever the season, for meals packed with #unbelievableflavour, make sure AromatneGawulo are never apart!

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