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How to Transform Your Leftover Vegetables

How to Transform Your Leftover Vegetables

We've all become increasingly well versed with the value of vegetables, not just for their healthy goodness but for their ability to transform a bland and boring meal into a chromatic, culinary feast. But there is a downside to making sure each meal has a hearty helping of veg - a fridge fighting off a takeover by your leftover vegetables.

Rather than having to do a deep dive into your fridge to get past your leftover veg, bring out the best in your leftover vegetables by bringing them to life with Hellmann’s mayonnaise. With Hellmann’s, simple suppers are being swapped out for delightful dinners that will have everyone wondering what your secret ingredient is. Add a little zing and a whole lot of flavourful with a swirl of Hellmann’s mayo to transform your leftover vegetables into exciting meals.

Leftover Vegetables Recipes

With our three delectable recipes, figuring out what to make with your leftover veggies will be a breeze. Let’s tuck in!

Veggie Pizza

Paying homage to a palate pleasing favourite, this is a pizza recipe that is seriously scrumptious. With a medley of vegetables laying on a delightful base of cheesy goodness, the real hero in this flavour story is the creamy, savoury sauce, courtesy of Hellmann’s mayo. Whether it’s steamed veggies or roast that have been crowding your fridge, give your Meatless Monday a tasty twist with this veggie Pizza and enjoy your favourite vegetable flavour profiles highlighted and heroed by a simple swirl of Hellmann’s mayo added to the mix.

Get the recipe here.

One Pot Creamy Vegetable & Pasta Recipe

This creamy vegetable dish is doubly delicious with its host of hearty vegetables and has a duo of benefits as you get to make use of your leftover pasta too - what a win!
Get your leftover tomatoes, zucchini, blanched broccoli and pasta together. For that tangy element that will transform this veggie and pasta mix into mouth-watering mouthfuls, stir in some Hellmann’s mayonnaise. Let the creamy, tangy flavour of Hellmann’s elevate your veggie pasta into a robust and simply yum meal.
Get the recipe here.

Veggie Chilli Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Bring on wholesome, hearty, vegetable goodness with this veggified twist on the classic stuffed baked potato. This stuffed baked potato, which is sure to satisfy the whole family can also be served as a flavourful side. All you need to transform your leftover vegetables into delectable bits to stuff in your potato is a punch of creamy flavour with Hellmann’s mayonnaise.

Adding a heap of tangy flavour and a depth of smooth, savoury goodness to your veggies, Hellmann’s will truly liven up your leftovers with the legendary taste of its simple, real ingredients. Make sure your baked potatoes pack a flavourful punch by making Hellmann’s your go-to ingredient for gratifying recipes that transform your leftover vegetables.
Get the recipe here.

Leftover vegetables in the fridge, or mouth-watering magic waiting to happen - the choice is yours with Hellmann’s mayonnaise and our leftover vegetable recipe ideas.
Find more inspiration to transform your leftover vegetables with What’s For Dinner, here.

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