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Shake Up Your Meals With Aromat

How To Spice Up Your Chicken Gizzard Kebabs

How To Spice Up Your Chicken Gizzard Kebabs

When it comes to kasi cuisine, siyazi ukuthi meat is king. Whether it’s stewed, fried or braaied, inside idombolo or served alongside uphuthu, the taste of meat always gives a meal that thing. So inyama is already doing the most with all the mouth-watering flavours it can add to your meal times. Better yet cabanga all the deliciousness to be found when you eat the whole animal from head to hooves, like when you get a chance to feast on inyama yenhloko, giblets or some mogodu - they aren’t called a delicacy for nothing!

Today, we’re giving gizzards all the glory. Whether uyithola ekasi or you’re lucky enough to get some from Gogo, gizzards are always the way to go for loads of hearty flavour. What makes it even better is that this meat is super versatile so you can switch up the menu anytime with some flavourful chicken gizzards. But maybe you’ve been wondering just how you can turn up the flavour in these tasty chicken bits. Well, we’ve got the answers to help you spice things up so that you can make mouth-watering chicken gizzards that umndeni will love. So, read on.

Cooking Chicken Gizzards

There are so many ways to cook with chicken gizzards. You can enjoy them as part of a delicious stew or for a twist you can enjoy the texture of deep-fried gizzards with a crunch. But for a meal that’s truly a treat why not give making chicken gizzard kebabs a try. Instead of another Monday eating pap nechicken, why not shake things up with some spicy chicken gizzard kebabs. But before we get into how you can make the most flavourful gizzard kebabs at home, let’s begin by understanding what a chicken gizzard kebab is a little more.

What Is A Chicken Gizzard Kebab?

With gizzard kebabs you may be worrying that you’ll lose all that yummy gizzard goodness. But ska wara mzala because you’ll still be able to enjoy the same mnandi meaty flavour of tender chicken gizzards with the only difference being that they’re on a kebab stick. So while your gizzards won't be swimming around in a scrumptious stew, you can still enjoy chicken gizzards with unbelievable flavour.

How Do You Make Spicy Chicken Gizzard Kebabs?

Now that we’ve established that you won’t lose any of that nca flavour if you decide to give spicy chicken gizzard kebabs a try, let’s get to how you can make your own.

1. Make a marinade for your chicken gizzards.

2. Thoroughly clean your chicken gizzards and then coat them in the marinade.

3. Prepare your kebab skewers by soaking them in water so that they don’t burn when you place them over the braai.

4. Once your gizzards are seasoned and marinated, thread them onto a skewer and then place them on your hot braai grill.

5. Cook your kebabs for about 15 minutes, turning the kebabs every few minutes so that they cook evenly.

6. Remove the skewers from the grill and enjoy! There you have it, 6 simple steps to homemade chicken gizzard kebabs. While you’re shaking things up in the kitchen with your spicy gizzard kebabs, how about transforming your dish into an extraordinary meal with the #unbelievableflavour of Aromat. Let’s face it, without Aromat the spice in your gizzard kebabs won’t really be that nice because the truth is #AromatNeGawulo should never be apart.

So if you’ve been wondering how you add flavour to chicken gizzards, the answer is with the unbelievable taste of Aromat. So the next time you’re having ichillas namajita, beef up the flavour of your kebabs with Aromat Chilli Beef Seasoning and you can be sure no one will ever complain iflavour iyashoda.

Or impress iintanga zakho by seasoning your kebabs with Aromat Peri Peri Seasoning for a taste so good it will lift your mood! On the days you want to keep it real, you can highlight the natural flavour of your chicken gizzards with Aromat Naturally Tasty.

Add the delicious flavour of Aromat to every meal by getting the bigger, bozza-size Aromat 200g canister or stocking up on Aromat refill packs, so that the feel-good flavour never ends. For tasty, feel-good food, fa-fa some #unbelievableflavour with any of Aromat’s seasonings.

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