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How to Make Umfino Pap Omnandi

How to Make Umfino Pap Omnandi

Winter weather, warm woolly socks, movies and popcorn, umifino ne pap, and some things just go together. When it comes to bringing back the mouth-watering memories of Gogo’s cooking and finding ways to shake up your 7 colour Sundays nge feel-good flavour, umfino pap is the way to go.

What is Umfino Pap?

First up, the lovely leafy green vegetables are collectively referred to as umifino. These leafy greens are packed with so much nutritional goodness, ending they’ll start asking i-gyma phi le weight? umifino is commonly referred to as wild spinach in English, and as such, spinach, kale and swiss chard are common substitutes that will still give your pap that mnandi, wholesome, vegetable flavour that would make the oledi proud.

Next up is the pap. The ultimate staple that is loved across all corners of the continent because it allows you to switch things up in the kitchen since ziningi indlela you can eat it. Crumbly phutu pap; creamy porridge; or stiff pap seasoned with Aromat Original Seasoning to add salivating flavour, served as a side dish with braai meat. The options are endless when you’re cooking pap.

When umifino ne pap pair up, seasoned with Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning to give your meal “that thing” and a flare of authentic flavour, the taste is so sensational you won’t want to have i7 colours without it.

How to make Umfino Pap

If you were wondering what ingredients to use to make umfino pap, we’re sure you have the answer now - steaming stiff pap cooked to perfection combined with full-of-flavour leafy greens. A classic combo that always delivers on tastiness.

But, why have umfino that’s just tasty when you can have umfino loaded with #feelgoodflavour that’s so good it will even lift your mood? All you need is a few shakes of #unbelievableflavour from Aromat’s Naturally Tasty Seasoning to add layers of serious deliciousness to your umfino.

Whether you add some to your pap, add it to your side dish, or sprinkle some on as a dressing, you can never go wrong because no matter the meal, umfino and Aromat should never be apart.

So, the next time you visit, give Gogo a break from being in charge of Sunday kos and introduce the whole family to a world of unbelievable flavour with your umfino seasoned with Aromat. For a sensational meal filled with unforgettable flavour that makes you feel good, make sure that when you’re cheffing it up, #AromatNeGawulo are never apart.

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