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How To Make Nutritious Morogo Meals

How To Make Nutritious Morogo Meals

Featured in dishes in hundreds of homes across the nation, for decades and decades, morogo is a local favourite that’s loaded with nutritional value and lots of flavour. While morogo may be a popular local veggie, when it comes to the best ways to cook it, many people don’t know what to do.
If you’re interested in transforming your meal times with delicious and nutritious morogo dishes, you’re in luck! What’s For Dinner has put together some cooking tips and recipe ideas to help ensure that you serve up an incredible morogo meal, every time.

Things To Know About Morogo

Known as African spinach, morogo is a term that refers to a variety of different leafy green vegetables that grow wild across the country and in parts of southern Africa. So if you’ve ever wondered if morogo is the same as spinach, the answer is, kind of. As they belong to the same leafy green family the two terms are often used to refer to the same thing, but they do differ in how they taste. The prepared dish is also referred to as morogo and it is a food that’s known for its high protein content, nutrients and distinctive earthy taste.

Morogo Cooking Tips

With morogo being a long-standing staple in millions of South African homes across the years, many methods of cooking morogo have been tried and tested to give you tasty meals that are full of nutrition. This has resulted in the creation of numerous recipes for cooking this leafy green, so even a traditional morogo recipe will differ from region to region. If you’ve been trying to figure out, ‘how do you cook morogo?’, here are four tips we think you should know for a delicious and nutritious morogo dish.

  • You should ideally only cook the morogo leaves for eating as the stems are tough, but if you’d like to use the stems, just ensure you finely slice them so that everything cooks evenly.
  • Always wash your morogo thoroughly first, to remove any dirt, grit or bugs, otherwise you will taste it when eating.
  • A lot of people ask about how to add flavour to your morogo dishes. We suggest you use onions when cooking your morogo dish, to bring out the flavour of this leafy veg and add a rich taste to your meal.
  • When cooking, don’t cover the morogo leaves in water as this will make them lose their green colour.

With these tips, you’re ready to make your own nutritious morogo meals. Need some morogo recipe inspiration? We’ve got you covered with this tasty trio of nutritious morogo recipes for you to try.

Shakshuka with Spinach and Beans

An ideal way to start any day, this mouth-watering Middle Eastern-inspired dish is scrumptious. It’s bursting with so much goodness with eggs, beans, a mix of veggies and the delicious, rich, earthy taste of morogo to add the tastiest twist to this breakfast dish. Once you give this recipe a try, you’ll wish you had been including morogo in your meals sooner!

Spicy Morogo Tuna Cakes

This pairing of tuna and morogo makes for the perfect snack! It’s so quick and easy to make and absolutely yum, making it ideal for loading up lunchboxes with healthy bites that taste amazing. Serve it up with a refreshing summer salad to complement the warm spicy flavour of these fish cakes and make it an even healthier meal. Or have them with a side serving of cream cheese or sweet chilli sauce for a tasty treat you won’t be able to get enough of.

Stewed Morogo

Often, the simplest dishes make for the most mouth-watering meals, and that’s certainly the case with this delicious morogo recipe. Morogo and potatoes cooked to perfection and then well-seasoned with curry powder is what gives this dish its delightful flavour punch. Serve these stewed leafy greens with a side of steaming pap for a satisfying and absolutely delicious hearty, healthy meal.
Give these morogo recipes a try for nutritious meals that won’t compromise on mouth-watering flavour.

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