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Healthy Starters That Are Appetizing

Healthy Starters That Are Appetizing

Whether you are the one who’s hosting or you volunteered to supply the finger foods at your next dinner, planning what to serve at dinner parties can feel like quite a drag. You’ve done it before, earning your title as the host with the most, but this time around you may need some suggestions to ensure your starters are the star of the show.

Tired of the same old mini-pizzas and sausage rolls for your guests? Well, at What’s For Dinner, we have some seriously satisfying starters ideas for you, that are not only healthy but carry heaps of mouth-watering flavour too. Host a dinner with a difference with our fresh and flavoursome take on healthy starter recipes that will guarantee your appetisers appease even the hardest food critics.

What should I Serve As a Starter

When thinking about how to craft finger foods that are delicious while dainty, you may find yourself wondering what you can serve as a starter. Considering that appetiser is another word for starter, your first clue is in the flavour - your starter has to be a palate-pleaser. While your starter will be light, make sure it packs a flavourful punch and you won’t go wrong with your mouth-watering treats.

For flavoursome, fail-proof starters, give these recipes a try.

Healthy Starter Ideas

Griddled Brinjal (Eggplant) Rolls with a Herby Quinoa Stuffing

Whether it’s the herby quinoa stuffing that tickles your taste buds, or the hearty eggplant slices - with a hint of smoky flavour from the griddle, this starter is a mouth-watering must-have to delight at any dinner party.
The juiciness of the meaty eggplant is unlocked by the heat of the griddle, creating the perfect, smoke-kissed vessel for your quinoa stuffing. The nutritious quinoa filling will add its own dimension of hearty, healthy deliciousness, with fresh herbs and lemon zest for the added tang to your starter. Give this recipe a try.

Ginger, Chilli & Garlic Barbecue Chicken Rice Paper Rolls

With a base of the tried, tested and loved triad of garlic, ginger and chilli, you know this is a sensational starter you won’t be able to get enough of. Housed in light rice paper to let your ingredients shine, this Asian-inspired roll, infused with earthy, smoky, spicy layers of flavour, is a crowd-pleasing appetiser.

Packed with the nutritious and delicious crunch of cucumber, carrot and cabbage, topped with tasty, tender chicken bits, this rice paper roll is robust in flavour. Let your guests start their evening with an unforgettable appetiser that will leave a lasting impression.

Get the recipe.

Biltong Pesto Wraps

This scrumptious starter is super simple and may have you being called upon as the staple dinner party starter saviour. Don’t let the simplicity of this yummy appetiser deceive you - a fresh, light and crispy cabbage leaf, packed with decadent pesto flavour, crunchy leafy greens, and a hint of spice from the chilli biltong bits, all harmoniously brought together with a creamy swirl of mayonnaise, this deliciously gratifying wrap is a must-have.

Get the recipe.

Take yours, and your guest’s taste buds on a journey of flavour with these delightfully delicious healthy starter ideas, and witness your starters getting swiped up first as the sumptuous stars of the evening.

For more healthy starter meal ideas, visit whatsfordinner today.

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