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Get Creative With Your Homemade Curry Paste

Get Creative With Your Homemade Curry Paste

Whether it’s a creamy butter chicken curry you’re craving or a spicy seafood curry pot, every time there’s curry involved you know that you’re in for a mouth-watering mealtime. Better yet when your curry sauce is infused with the rich flavour and irresistible aroma of Rajah’s range of curry powders and spice blends, you know you’re in for a truly tasty treat.

When you use Rajah curry powders and spice blends, the robust, quality spices infuse your curry with bold flavour, vibrant colour and irresistible aromas. But while putting a spoonful or two of your favourite curry powder or spices may add some spicy flavour to your food, there’s something you can do to transform your meals from nice and spicy to sensational. How? - You may wonder. Well, with a savoury, full-flavoured curry paste that boasts the savoury flavour of a blend of your favourite spices and curries.

With a curry paste mix, you can infuse any sauce, marinade or curry dish with a delightful blend of herbs and spices to highlight your other ingredients and bring layers of satisfying flavour to any meal. So, to help you get creative and enhance your mealtimes with a sensational curry paste, we’re sharing 2 tips so that you can bring on some delicious taste with your homemade curry paste.

How To Make Curry Paste

What Is Curry Paste Made Of?

Made with a potent blend of herbs, spices and aromatics, curry pastes enable you to add layers of bold, hearty flavour to your meal. Which brings us to our first tip for making a flavourful curry paste - your choice of spices.

1. Curry powders and spice blends

The curry powder you use in your curry paste recipe sets the tone for how hot or mild your curry will be and the kinds of flavours that will come through when you eat.

So, for flavour-filled dishes, you should ensure your paste is infused with the rich flavours of Rajah curry powder. Our Rajah Hot Curry Powder will add some serious spice to your meals, bringing layers of heat to your food, perfect for anyone who enjoys a bit of fiery flavour.
With a well-balanced blend of coriander, cumin, methee, paprika and chilli, this curry powder is the ideal spice to give you a palate-pleasing curry paste.

Or if you like your spice to be a little milder, then our Rajah Mild Masala Curry Powder is the perfect spice middle ground that delivers a bit of heat and a lot of flavour to your dish. The expert blend of roasted coriander, paprika, methee and garlic is what gives this masala curry powder its mouth-watering flavour.

2. Fresh ingredients

Ginger, onion and garlic are at the root of any delicious curry paste. But there can be some confusion as to whether it is better to use these ingredients fresh or dried to make a curry paste.

The answer is that it really comes down to your preference. Fresh ingredients are known to add a more intense flavour to your curry paste and therefore your food as well. While dried spices add some yumminess to your dishes, the flavour can be slightly less intense. With a Rajah spice blend though, you can rest assured that you’re infusing your dishes with the same full flavour as you would with fresh ingredients. The blend of authentic, quality spices including ginger and garlic makes our spice blends perfect to pack your curry paste with generous flavour when you’re short on time.

How Can I Customise My Curry Paste?

Customising your curry paste can be so much fun! Simply mix and match your favourite spices and curry powders until you find a blend that suits your taste. With Rajah curry powders and spice blends, there’s a world of flavour for you to choose from.

What Can I Use My Curry Paste On?

The beauty of a curry paste mix is that it’s the flavourful foundation for a tasty meal. Your curry paste can be used when making any sauce, soup, or curry. Simply roast one or two spoonfuls in a pan for a few minutes before adding your other ingredients, to unlock the robust, spicy flavours of your curry paste.

Packing generous flavour into your meals is made easy with these tips and a Rajah-infused curry paste.

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