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Festive Cooking Inspirations

Festive Cooking Inspirations

The festive season is always an amazing time as you get to have fun with your family, making unforgettable memories and sharing the most flavourful feasts that fill everyone up. While gathering with friends and family to celebrate the festive season is always fun, it can be stressful when it comes to preparing and making meals that will impress all your festive guests.

If you’ve been worried wondering what you’re going to do to give your guests meals that make them say “mmmm”, you don’t need to worry anymore. Knorrox is sharing four flavourful recipes to feed the family this festive that won’t take too much time to prepare but will be packed with rich, meaty flavour to make the most mnandi meals. So read on for festive recipes your friends and family will love.

4 Flavourful Festive Recipes

Traditional Oxtail Sishebo - For many South African households, a festive meal isn’t complete without a rich, creamy and flavourful curry or stew. And stew are also great for festive cooking because you can make them the day before or let it cook overnight for flavours that delight and to save you time in the kitchen too. So for a stew that will satisfy the whole family, give this tasty recipe a try.

It’s filled with mouth-watering, rich, oxtail flavour thanks to the great taste of Knorrox Oxtail Stock Cubes making this a flavoursome stew. Serve it up with this Tasty Umfino Pap or samp for a meal your guests won’t be able to get enough of.

Tshotlo – Speaking of mouth-watering stews, this is the one to try if you truly want to give your guests a tasty treat. It just takes four simple ingredients to make this sensational stew and the rich, meaty flavour of Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes fills it with a taste that will leave your family wanting this meal every night.

Spicy and Creamy Vegetable Samp – One of the wonderful things about Knorrox seasonings is that you can use them to add rich, hearty flavour to any dish, like in this delightfully creamy and flavourful samp recipe. The addition of Knorrox Garlic & Onion Flavour Stock Powder makes this samp the perfect side to serve with your festive 7 Colours feast. Try this samp with any of our stews for a delicious, filling and nutritious meal.

Knorrox Ox Tongue – The whole family will know that it’s festive season when you serve up this slow-braised ox tongue dish. It takes 150 minutes to prepare but don’t worry because your pot will do all the work, braising the meat in a beautiful stock with Knorrox Beef Stock Cubes, while you finish your other festive preparations. Serve this as a starter with fresh dumplings – or some from the shop to save time – covered in a thick spread of butter for a meal that will keep everyone coming back for more.

Whether friends, family or both, impress all your guests this festive season with these rich and satisfying festive meal ideas and Knorrox. You can trust Knorrox all year round to deliver rich, meaty flavour the whole family will love.

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