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Essential Braai Tools You Need This Season

Essential Braai Tools You Need This Season

There’s no doubt that once Spring comes about, it’s the perfect time to satisfy the family with the smoky, flame-grilled flavours of a braai. Whether you’re organising or attending a braai, you know you’re in for a filling, flavourful and fun meal time.

The best braais always start with the perfect tools but knowing which ones to choose can be hard. So to make sure your braai is truly the best, there are a few braai essentials you need to be equipped with - and no, we don’t mean the meat!

For a brilliant braai day that delivers on deliciousness, you need to have the right braai tools and they need to be braai-ready. In case you’re feeling a little confused about which braai tools you need to have in your arsenal, read on as we unpack the top must-have tools for a lekker braai.

Braai Essentials

When organising a braai, you’ll likely focus on things like putting your guest list together and making sure you have all the ingredients you need to make those delectable braai dishes. While both are pretty important, there’s an often overlooked element you need to consider for a braai that’s the best and figuring out which braai equipment you need to get started.

What Tools Do You Need For a Braai?

Having the right braai tools to cook your food is essential to ensure your steaks are braaied to perfection, the mielies are expertly grilled and all your other braai items are cooked properly.

Here’s a list of 5 must-have braai tools for a sensational braai:

  1. A Fire Starter
  2. A Knife
  3. Braai Tongs
  4. A Basting Brush
  5. Cleaning equipment

While knowing which tools qualify as essential braai equipment, knowing exactly what to look out for to get the best braai tools is important too. So here are some quick tips to ensure your braai tools are tip-top.

Maintain Your Braai Tools Like A Braai Boss

  • A sharp knife is essential to ensure you can cut your pieces of meat into perfect portion sizes. To keep your meat knife sharp, ensure you sharpen the blade every month or so.
  • Braai tongs are essential to help you turn delicate fish fillets, flip your burger patties, and assist with all your braai food-handling needs. Make sure after you braai you give your tongs a quality clean, so that you don’t have to deal with scraping off months-old grime and grease at the next one.
  • A basting brush is a brilliant way to add delicious flavours to your food while it braais. You can use it to recoat your meat with a tasty marinade, throughout the cooking process.

*A top tip: If you have fresh herbs, dip the herbs, while on the stem, into your marinade and use them to baste your braai meat.

  • Braai cleaning equipment is essential for keeping your braai clean. Having char chunks from your last braai stick onto your meat is no fun and can ruin your meal. So always keep your braai stand and utensils clean.

If you have the passion and the right braai tools, you have everything you need to become a braai master. So get your braai grill out of storage, set it up and get started on ringing in the warm weather.

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