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Cheesy Mayo Pizza Ideas

Cheesy Mayo Pizza Ideas

Pizza is undoubtedly a firm food favourite, loved the world-over. The gooey goodness of stringy cheese that stretches as you pull those last two slices apart. The crispy, crunchy delight of a light, flaky, golden crust, baked to perfection. And then there’s the variety of tasty toppings of your choosing, layered over a slathering of sensational pizza sauce. Whether it’s for a party, movie night, or you’re just in the mood to treat yourself, any way you slice it, pizza is always the perfect meal to please the whole family.

Part of what makes pizza such a crowd pleaser is its versatility. You have a wide variety of options to choose from as you get to pick the pizza toppings that tickle your tastebuds the most. Pizza presents the perfect opportunity for any home cook to showcase their culinary style in the tastiest way. So, with all the elements layered to create a flavourful meal - a crispy crust; rich, creamy sauce; and delicious toppings - is there anything that can take this tasty classic to the next level?

Mayonnaise Pizza Ideas

The wholesome, creamy goodness of Hellmann’s mayo is our secret ingredient to give you a saucy take on an old favourite. Crafted from the finest quality ingredients, every time you cook with Hellmann’s mayo, you’re guaranteed a meal charged with unmistakable taste, and a rich, creamy tang. When it comes to adding the goodness of Hellmann’s to your pizza preparations, there are a couple of ways that you can incorporate our delicious mayo in your pie.

Firstly, you can use it as a super tasty sauce topping. Do you enjoy a hit of heat in your pizza? A spicy mayo sauce is the solution. Craving the yum of a touch of garlic flavour on your pizza creation? A rich Hellmann’s mayo garlic sauce is sure to save the day. Best of all, creating a delightful mayo sauce to top off your pizza, is super simple.

Check out our Pizza With Garlic Sauce recipe to get you started with the basics, so that you can create a mayonnaise pizza recipe that’s perfectly tailored to your taste.

Cheesy Mayo Pizza Recipes

When we speak about the key elements of a pizza, the crust, sauce, cheese and toppings must feature on your list. Typically, a pizza sauce mainly comprises tomato paste, sauce or puree. For a tasty twist, add a dollop of Hellmann’s mayo to your tomato base and enjoy pizza with a unique touch of rich, savoury deliciousness. The addition of Hellmann’s mayo to your sauce enhances the sweetness and delightful acidity of the tomato base, and creates a unique flavour that’s the perfect complement to any cheese topping.

Season your mayo-infused tomato sauce with your favourite spices, slather it over your pizza dough, and then load on a hearty helping of your favourite cheeses to welcome a world of simple yet scrumptious flavour. While a cheesy mayo pizza is tasty enough as is, if you have some leftover boerewors, chicken or even some yummy veggies, Hellmann’s gives you the perfect opportunity to transform your leftovers with this pizza.

Try our legendary Veggie Pizza to get you started, or swap out or mix up your toppings with your favourite leftover meat to make a mouth-watering cheesy mayo pizza. With so many ways to create a saucy pizza that satisfies, just ensure that you have some Hellmann’s mayonnaise in the mix, to add a flourish of rich, savoury, tangy flavour.

For more mouth-watering meal-inspiration, visit What’s For Dinner today.

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