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Aromat Seasoning for Vegetarian Cooking

Aromat Seasoning for Vegetarian Cooking

For Mogodu Mondays, of course, Aromat Chilli Beef is the nca choice. For 2 sly Tuesdays, you might feel choosey and go for Aromat Cheese to fa-fa some unbelievable flavour to your Skhafthin. And any time during the week, whether it’s pap and wors, chicken livers or amagwinya ne polony, you know there’s an Aromat spice you can pair your meal with to turn up the tastiness to levels of unbelievable deliciousness.

However, when it comes to adding mnandiness to your vegetarian dishes, you might be confused about what to do to ensure your veggies are next-level tasty. If that’s you, you don’t need to stress because we’re sharing tips to help you use Aromat in vegetarian cooking to make it taste so good you’ll start to make room for amagreen beans on your braai stand!

Give Your Veggies “That Thing” With Aromat Seasoning

Whether you’re trying to be a healthy-eating bhozza by adding more veggies to your meals or you want to add more colour and tastes to your plate with different vegetables, eating more veg is great for your health. However, because meaty delights like bunny chows, Russians, skopo and of course a braai kanye ngeviki are what we’re all about eating across Mzansi when it comes to thinking of tasty ways to season vegetables, kutricky! But you don’t need to worry because that’s where Aromat comes in with a range of 5 mouth-watering flavours to make any food taste unbelievably good.

Whether you're whipping up meatless dishes, snacks or salads, Aromat’s seasonings have the perfect combination of herbs and spices to take your vegetarian dishes to the next level of mnandi flavour. The blend of carefully chosen ingredients is ideal for enhancing the tastiness of veggie dishes. Not only does Aromat use the best quality herbs, spices and other ingredients to bring you unbelievable flavour every time you fa-fa, but it also contains less sodium than regular table salt. Giving you a range of seasonings that do more than just make your food taste nice mzala, they’re healthier for you too!

So explore the Aromat range of flavours today, which includes Chill Beef, Peri-Peri, Cheese, Naturally Tasty and Aromat Original, and find the seasoning that makes your tastebuds sing, “Kwaze Kwamnandi!”. Then, when it comes to cooking vegetarian food, to give your meals ‘that thing’, simply thatha your favourite Aromat seasoning and faka iflava to transform your meatless meals into mouth-watering, easy. Not convinced? Then read these tips for using Aromat in your vegetarian cooking and unlock the secret to becoming i-sterring of unbelievable flavour no matter whether you’re cooking meat or veg.

Unbelievably Tasty Vegetarian Recipes With Aromat

Vegan Omelette Recipe - Start your day the delicious way with this omelette recipe packed with unbelievable tastiness thanks to the flavourful twist of Aromat Naturally Tasty. Aromat brings out all the beautiful veggie flavours of this vegan dish for an explosion of tastiness with every bite.

Grilled Chickpea Burgers - To add unforgettable flavour to your lunch, try these meat-free grilled burgers and enjoy the mouth-watering goodness. These flavour-packed patties sizzle with Aromat's irresistible Naturally Tasty seasoning, making them so tasty, that even the biggest meat-eaters will be asking for seconds.

Savoury Potato Waffles - Bringing you potato perfection seasoned with the unbelievable flavour of Aromat Original, this potato waffle recipe is a breakfast game-changer! Make sure you faka some Aromat goodness onto the toppings too to take the tastiness to another level. Aromat Cheese Summer Pasta Salad - Try this recipe where the flavours of the fresh ingredients are brought to life with Aromat’s Cheese seasoning for a pasta salad that'll make your tastebuds dance all summer long.

With these recipes, it proves ukuthi whether you’re making ichicken dust or a salad, no matter the meal, Aromat ne Gawulo should never be apart! So don’t hesitate to shake things up by adding more vegetables to your meals or trying more vegetarian recipes from What’s For Dinner, because the Aromat range has what you need to make it all taste unbelievably mnandi!

Visit Whatsfordinner for more delicious inspiration to take your vegetarian cooking to the next level!

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