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Aromat Naturally Tasty: The Future Of Seasoning

Aromat Naturally Tasty: The Future Of Seasoning

With 5 fantastic Aromat flavours to choose from, when it comes to adding tastiness to your meals, sonke siyazi ukuthi all you need is Aromat’s range of seasonings to bring unbelievable flavour to your dishes. While Aromat is Mzansi’s go-to all-purpose seasoning to give your meals ‘that thing’, sometimes you might not know what spice to faka to help elevate the natural flavours of your ingredients.

So whether it’s bringing out the taste of your bunny chow, ensuring your popcorn always packs a flavour punch or that your umphokoqo and eggs taste amazing - without the right seasoning, it’s going to be tricky! Fortunately, Aromat has stepped up its flavour game with a new seasoning: Aromat Naturally Tasty. So, what makes this Aromat seasoning the future of turning up the tastiness in your favourite dishes? Read on and find out!

The Naturally Tasty Difference

When we look at our cuisine laph’ekhaya, just like the people that make up the country, our food is colourful and diverse. From fiery curries from eThekwini to mouth-watering kotas straight from Soweto and sweet, sticky Cape Town koeksisters, our food reflects the country’s richness. That’s why we need seasonings that can deliver deliciousness that meets the different unique taste expectations of the people of Mzansi. That's where Aromat Naturally Tasty steps in.

With the same combo of quality herbs, spices and other ingredients that make Aromat seasoning famous for #unbelievableflavour, Aromat’s Naturally Tasty, has got the perfect mix to help you fa-fa tastiness that transforms any dish into mouth-watering. The MSG-free formulation of this Aromat flavour includes quality, flavourful ingredients like mushroom, turmeric, onion and garlic, that are excellent for enhancing the natural tastiness of any foods. It’s also made with no artificial ingredients, no colourants and no preservatives, so you can still enjoy unbelievable flavour with this healthier Aromat seasoning.

Step Into the Future of Unbelievable Flavour

From something as simple as adding great taste to a vegan omelette to transforming chickpea burgers into pure deliciousness; you can trust Aromat Naturally Tasty, the real makoya to bring out the authentic flavours of any dish. So, step into the future of seasoning with Aromat Naturally Tasty and make bringing out the authentic flavours of any dish as simple as adding a fa-fa of your favourite all-purpose seasoning - Aromat.

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