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Aromat: Grocery Cupboard Essentials

Aromat: Grocery Cupboard Essentials

When it comes to cooking, we all want our meals to always have the most mnandi flavour. Whether it’s creating flavour-filled meals to satisfy umndeni or even making something nice to impress umakhelwane when they pop by, making meals that taste good is something we all want to do.

Figuring out just how to make sure your meals have ‘that thing’ though, can be a little tough. If you’ve been wondering how to turn up the tastiness in your dishes, ska wara because all you need to do is make sure you keep certain spices and seasonings on the top of your grocery cupboard essentials list. With the right seasonings and spices as part of your food cupboard essentials, you can’t go wrong in creating mouth-watering meals.

If you’re wondering what spices you should have in your pantry to make your meals unbelievably good every time, read on because we have the answers for you.

Cupboard Essentials for Mouth-watering Flavour

Some people prefer to do one big shop at the beginning of every month while others prefer to restock their grocery cupboard only once something has run out. Whichever way you choose, there are certain food cupboard essentials you should try to always ensure you have like:

  • Starches - like rice and mealie meal
  • Flour - because it can be used in so many ways
  • Spices and seasonings - to add flavour to your food

When it comes to pantry essentials that will help you make your dishes delicious, spices and seasonings are ilast number. This is why having the right seasonings in your pantry is so important. For spices that will transform your meals from forgettable to flavour-filled, there’s one brand you can always trust - Aromat.

Aromat is a year-round pantry essential because it adds #unbelievableflavour to every meal. So if you ever hear anyone ask, ‘can I stock my pantry with Aromat?’, tell them kahle kahle Aromat ne gawulo should never be apart! So here are some Aromat flavours you should stock up on for unbelievably tasty meals, and in case you were wondering, ‘what can Aromat be used for?’ we’re including some mnandi meal suggestions too.

Upgrade Your Pantry with #UnbelievableFlavour

  • Aromat Cheese Seasoning - Aromat Cheese is perfect for adding some deliciousness to your spykos, sandwiches and breakfast dishes too but give this seasoning a try to add a twist to any dish.
  • Aromat Chilli Beef Seasoning - Turn up the tastiness in all your meat dishes with Aromat Chilli Beef. It’s ideal for adding amazing flavour to braaivleis, burgers and all things meaty.
  • Aromat Peri-Peri Seasoning - Add some feel-good flavour to your chicken and fish dishes with Aromat Peri-Peri. If you like a little spice to make your meal taste nice, this is the flavour for you.
  • Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning - There’s nothing quite like Aromat Naturally Tasty to give your food ‘that thing’. It’s perfect for salads and veggies and it will make any food taste so good, umndeni will wonder, ‘what’s your secret ingredient?’.

Vegan Omelette

  • Aromat Original Seasoning - The first to bring #unbelievableflavour to all your dishes, Aromat Original should always be your go-to to create the most mouth-watering meals. And with the Aromat Original 200g canister, you can ensure all your meals are packed with the most mnandi flavour.

    With these Aromat seasonings in your grocery cupboard, you can ensure that when it comes to your cooking ngeke bak’tshele ukuthi iflavour iyashoda!

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