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Shake Up Your Meals With Aromat

7 Colours Sunday Kos - Aromat Is The 8th

7 Colours Sunday Kos - Aromat Is The 8th

It just doesn't get any better than a 7 colours Sunday lunch. It’s a legendary meal, offering a feast of flavours, vibrant colours and displaying the tastiest foods while enabling the whole family to come together for a satisfying, home cooked meal.

Bringing Unbelievable Flavour To Your 7 Colours

The traditional 7 colours bring a variety of delicious foods that come together harmoniously for a delicious meal that sings with flavour. 7 colours just wouldn’t be 7 colours without inyama and a world of sides. But there’s a thread that weaves all the flavours together like icrochet doily ka Gogo, bringing its own unique taste and flavour to your Sunday kos. The 8th flavour to transform your 7 colours from the usual Sunday kos to an unbelievably tasty meal is none other than the real makoya of kasi cuisine, iAromat.

The ultimate 7 colours stays serving family goodness that if you’re lucky, you can take iskhaftin for during the week! This very meal is behind the tupperware arguments your family has been having for as long as you can remember. It’s a dish enama levels of mouth-watering flavours from a variety of foods, wrapped up in a one-course meal. But we all know ukuthi #AromatneGawulo should never be apart. So, your Sunday kos is not complete until you add some fa-fa of flavour with the 8th colour - Aromat.

The Goodness Of A 7 Colours Sunday Lunch

A common misconception about 7 Colour Sundays is that even though it’s a time where the whole family gets to enjoy ukudla that is mouth-watering, it’s an unhealthy indulgence. Consider that besides inyama, leyo 7 colours is mostly made up of veggies and salads. It is a meal that fill the dining table with vibrance and a variety of healthy eats.

So, 7 colours meals are the closest we come to meeting our dietary and vitamin requirements in one single meal. So, you no longer have to wonder what to add in a 7 colours Sunday kos for vegans because this delicious home-cooked meal definitely delivers more than your daily dose of vegetables. To cater for your veggie-loving friends just remove the meat.

Turn Up The Flavour With Aromat

A standard 7 colours plate must contain the basics like inyama of your choice, gravy, rice, potatoes, butternut or pumpkin, bean salad, ibeetroot, green beans or peas and carrots. These dishes are already delicious but to bring that #UnbelievableFlavour that’s so good it will lift your mood, you need to add the 8th colour to unleash that unbelievable taste. So, for a meal time with a taste that’s so nice it will induce imvula mlomo and exceed your in-laws’ expectations, fa-fa the delicious flavour of Aromat.

If bean salad is on your menu, with mayo or without, add some Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning to take the taste of those beans to the next level. Whether you decide the chicken should be grilled pieces or a full umleqwa, trust Aromat Peri Peri Seasoning to deliver the most delicious flavour to your meat. So, trust Aromat’s range of tasty seasonings as your 8th colour for iSunday kos that’s so good it will make you Mamazala’s favourite every Sunday.

For mouth-watering meal inspiration, charged with the unbelievable flavour of Aromat, visit What’s For Dinner today.

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