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4 Seafood Dishes Everyone Will Love

4 Seafood Dishes Everyone Will Love

These coastal regions provide us with a fantastic variety of seafood. So, check out these four fantastic seafood recipes that both you and your little ones will enjoy.

1 - Prawn And Haddock Fish Pie

This tasty Prawn and Haddock Fish Pie only takes 15 minutes to prepare and spends the rest of its time in the oven, baking to perfection. The melt-in-your-mouth mashed potato topping over crispy prawns and haddock , makes this one of those family dinner recipes that everyone will love.

2 - Crispy Fish Puffs With Sweet Chilli Sauce

The spring onions in these Crispy Fish Puffs with Sweet Chilli Sauce add a great flavour. Serve it up as a tasty snack or side dish! Knorr’s Garlic & Herb Potato Bake is the secret ingredient that makes children love this seafood treat!

3 - Easy Seafood Potjie

A traditional and typical South African way of preparing seafood! If you are unable to find fresh mussels simply replace with frozen mussels on the half shell – the flavour will be just as great!

4 - Baked Fish With A Creamy Cheese Sauce

If you love potato bake, you’ll love this Baked Fish with a Creamy Cheese Sauce! The creamy cheese sauce adds extra juiciness to the baked fish. This meal is easy to prepare and goes a long way especially for bigger families. These four seafood recipes are sure to take their place amongst your favourite quick and easy recipes.

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